Trump wins with Carrier deal, factory to stay in U.S.


Trump already on a roll with 50 days to go

INDIANAPOLIS (INTELLIHUB) — President-elect Donald J. Trump along with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and the Governor of Indiana landed a sweet win-win deal for the American people and more than 1100 workers at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant Thursday, making good on one of Trump’s campaign promises some 50 days ahead of his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.

Trump addressed Carrier at a debate back in July where he said that if he were to be elected as president he would keep Carrier in the U.S. or impose strict import penalties against them for relocating to Mexico.

Now, nearly five months later, Donald Trump has held true to his promise by negotiating a deal with Carrier by offering a small tax incentive to the corporation that amounts to about $636 per employee per year over the next ten years.

Trump toured Carrier’s Indianapolis plant Thursday as reporters covered the event live with workers present.

“These are working-class people […] union” types, a commentator on CNN said as live images were shown on-air of Trump touring the plant.

While this small win may not be the answer to all of America’s long-term problems, it will likely be judged in a positive light by most Americans.

“Taking a step in the right direction is a good thing,” another CNN commentator said.

CNN also reported that the union had been “left in the dark” regarding the deal to some extent and may be struggling to obtain details on how the union and employees will be impacted.

Trump said he plans on lowering business tax across the board for American businesses from aproximately “35%” to around “15%,” making the U.S. one of the most competitive countries in the U.S..

‘There will be no reason for businesses to leave the U.S. anymore,’ Trump said.

You can watch Trump’s full speech from the Carrier plant here:

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