Trump’s border wall plan already working: Illegal immigration down 27%

Talk of ‘border wall’ already detouring potential immigrants

(INTELLUHUB) — According to number released by Customs and Border Protection on Monday, illegal immigration over the southern border diminished 27% in the first month of 2017 from the previous month of December.

In January a total of 31,575 migrants were apprehended for entering the U.S. illegally and an additional 10,899 were inadmissible.

Although chatter of Trump’s proposed construction of a wall has likely thwarted migrants, for now, the flow of human traffic into the U.S. is expected to pick back up in the spring months.

Be as it may, a Mexican politician has already threatened to stop Mexico’s anti-terrorism efforts along the border over Trump’s plan to build a wall which the Trump Administration is currently gathering bids on. But some are skeptical of Trump’s plan and say he may be biting off more than he can chew.

Evan Siegfried, in a piece for the Wall Street Journal, said that the construction of the wall is all going to come down to eminent domain.

In the article, Siegfried wrote, “Mr. Trump fails to take into account the major hurdle the wall faces: eminent domain […] the U.S. would need to own all 1,954 miles of the border” in able to proceed with the wall’s construction.

However, thus far the Trump Admin doesn’t seem to be too worried about eminent domain issues.

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