Trump’s immigration plan bashed by buffoons

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‘Deporting illegal migrants is inhumane’

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and most corporate controlled media cronies would like you to believe that Donald Trump’s brave and bold solution to illegal immigration is preposterous and would never in a million years work; although nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump’s plan is actually great. It’s lines out a simple, realistic and ascertainable approach aimed at once and for all eliminating an ongoing problem we’ve battled for many generations here in America.

Being a citizen of this Great Nation is a privilege and laws exist in this country, or any country, for a reason. After all America is built on laws and even if it wasn’t you would still have laws of the land. So either way you slice it you still have or would have laws in any scenario–unless of course you live in the Pleiades or some advanced future society of some sort in a parallel universe. But even then such advanced societies are rumored to have rules; like only one person per square mile, no more, and so on.

That’s why I don’t understand the media’s stance or anyone Else’s for that matter,when it comes to the topic of illegal immigration. It’s like they’ve got it all bass-akwards, pardon the pun.

I can only rationalize with 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, businessman, and celebrity Donald J. Trump’s thought process when it comes to the subject of illegal immigration. It’s like this people: How do we have a country if we don’t enforce laws?

But more importantly think about this: since when has it ever been ‘good’ to let outsiders climb your fence, scale your city’s wall, your village’s walls, cross the threshold of your home, etc.? The answer is: never. So then answer me this: why is Hillary Clinton and a vast majority of the press acting like it’s bad to rid the United States of illegal immigrants? They are illegal!

I mean really folks flush them on out of here. If they truly have the credentials to reenter than by all means let them reenter, legally, the proper way through one big door in the wall. And I’m not afraid to say it. Not only have the wages in America been driven down to sub-third-world standards, due to the fact that illegals will work for next to nothing, but crime has also increased in many cases which is a lose-lose situation all the way around. Trump recently addressed this issue by proposing a plan that was shunned by opponents early on and for no good reason.

First off, why wouldn’t we build a wall just like Trump said? I mean look at the Great Wall of China, look at the walls surrounding Israel. It’s plain and simple, ‘walls work’.

Trump recently added more fuel to the fire, sparking a media heyday, calling for a ‘deportation force’ that would deport millions of migrants illegally residing inside of the country.

“They’re doin’ high-fives in the Clinton Campaign right now when they are hearing this,” said Trump’s opponent Jeb Bush, who’s currently polling at low numbers. However low numbers or not Bush ‘called it’ as the Clinton Campaign soon after Tweeted:

“The idea of tracking down and deporting 11 million people is absurd, inhumane, and UN-American. No Trump.”

But is it really absurd? This is what we have to ask ourselves. Or do we have a Trojan Horse-like situation brewing here that’s eventually going to pop?

If you want to talk about securing the Homeland then let’s secure the Homeland. But you see they never will secure the Homeland because they don’t want the Homeland secured. It’s plain and simple.

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