Update via NJ.com: A tsunami warning device about 200 miles off the coast of New Jersey went into “event mode” over the weekend, but there were no giant waves threatening the Shore, according to the National Data Buoy Center.
“It went into event mode while it was being serviced,” a center representative said Monday morning. “It wasn’t an actual event.”

ATLANTIC OCEAN (INTELLIHUB) — A 2.6 meter DART II discus buoy operated by the National Data Buoy Center was triggered into “event mode” after receiving a sharp data spike then a rippling effect from what could have been abrupt tsunami style waves as large as 90 feet tall, with a 180 variance from peak to valley Sunday.

dart chart 1
National Data Buoy Center

The event took place 130 nautical miles SE of New York’s Fire Island.

dart 2
National Data Buoy Center

The water depth in the region is 8690 feet deep.

National Data Buoy Center

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