Tuesday’s Republican Debate broken down to minutia — Spot-on analysis

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FBN gives fair and intellectual shake to candidates

By Shepard Ambellas

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (INTELLIHUB) — I have to hand it to them–the FBN crew did an excellent job Tuesday night during the fourth GOP Presidential Debate.

At 8 p.m. local time Fox Business Network went live with Hosts Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and the editor of the Wall Street Journal Gerald Baker along with the top 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates as I sat along on the sidelines adding my input in real-time.

According to Cavuto’s announcement in the beginning, the FBN debate will focus primarily on what the candidates will actually do to fix America which is a change from previous debates.


Neurosurgeon Ben Carson said, “We need to be thinking about how to allow people to ascend the ladder of opportunity.” However Carson also went on to say he doesn’t support raising the minimum wage. To no surprise Trump took the same stance.

A few moments later Sen. Ted Cruz spoke on the topic of “tax reform.”

“The Obama economy is a disaster and the IMF is telling us this is the new norm,” Cruz said with a rather robust yet robotic presentation.

We need “sound money,” Cruz maintained. Which may be true. After all our currency is backed by nothing and is merely printed out of thin air.

Jeb Bush soon after piped up, pushing the need for his version of “tax reform.”

“We need to appeal every rule that Barack Obama has put into effect,” said ol’ Jeb. Which was something I can actually give him at least some credit for.

Jeb then went on to knock Hillary Clinton, grabbing a quick applause from the audience before Businesswoman Fiorina was brought into the mix.

Carly Fiorina said passionately, “We need to challenge the status quo.”

“We need a three page tax code […] and we need to hold officials of the United States accountable.”

A few minutes later it was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s turn. Paul talked about the “root causes” of today’s failed economy.

‘Money from the big banks has not filtered out into the economy,’ Paul said.

“Really–we need to examine whether or not we want a Federal Reserve […].”

At 8:36 Jeb and Trump battled back and forth about immigration and who’s approach is better. This is when I noticed that the crowd’s response seemed staged; it just wasn’t natural. Call me crazy. Or maybe it’s just me, but it seemed staged.


At 8:40 p.m. Sen. Ted Cruz cracked a joke which garnered a few chuckles from the crowd.

Cruz told the crowd to try to enter another country illegally and said, “see what they would do,” insinuating that border protection is absolutely mandatory; which I agree with.

Fiorina popped back on moments later spouting out about the need for a “free market.”

“The truth is the secret sauce of America is innovation and entrepreneurship,” Fiorina said just before the buzzer went off. She went on to talk about the failed Obama Care program.

Dr. Ben Carson gave his two cents on income tax.

Dr. Carson said:

“Everybody should pay the same proportion of what they make […] but you also have to get rid of all the deductions and all the loopholes.”

“This is America this is the land of dreams.”

About an hour into it Sen. Ted Cruz said he’s calling for a personal flat tax of ten percent and a business flat tax of sixteen percent.”

“It’s one of the few plans that abolishes the IRS.”

[Buzzer sounded]


Jeb Bush then babbled on mindlessly, blowing smoke, about “two percent growth” as if he has something to offer the American people. Bush is nothing more than a well-financed puppet without a mind of his own. In fact, it’s likely he didn’t even write his latest book, it just feels too corporate for me; his whole camp. does.

“We need to jump-start the economy.”

He then mentioned people having “twenty-three-hundred dollars” more in their pockets at the end of each year, blowing more smoke.

Five minutes after nine Rand Paul and Sen. Mark Rubio hashed it out on stage.

“I want a strong national defense but I don’t want us to be bankrupt,” said Paul.

Cruise pointed out that we have to find a “middle-ground.”

Fiorina mentioned how “we need to know how every dollar is spent” as the government simply cannot be trusted.


At 9:10 Gerald Baker asked Donald Trump:

“Why would you reverse more than fifty years of U.S. trade policy?”

‘The TPP is a bad deal,’ Trump said.

“I love trade […] but we need smart people making the deals.”


Trump continued to talk about “currency manipulation” which he says was not even discussed in the “six-thousand page agreement.”


“We are losing jobs like we have never lost jobs before in this country.”

Sen. Rand Paul jumped in standing up for Trumps position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

9:13 p.m.: [Buzzer then a break]

9:19 p.m.: “Putin is spreading his base in the Middle-East,” Dr. Carson said. Carson also mentioned a diabolic plan he came up with to take-over a “large energy field” in the Middle-East which Carson said will ultimately destabilize ISIS. However, Carson acts as if his plan is the Holy Grail when it comes to ending ISIS, letting me know that he actually knows nothing.

Trump got a little spunky around 9:23 p.m. when he said ‘let Putin handle ISIS.’ A statement ol Jeb didn’t much like.

“Assad is a bad guy,” Trump agreed with Jeb.

But “we should have kept the oil.”

“Because right now you know who has a lot of that oil?”


Fiorina soon after got in a long-winded rant before being cut off by the buzzer at 9:28 p.m..

[Major applause]

‘It’s foolish to think that we are not going to talk to Russia,’ Rand Paul said.

‘It’s not a good idea to have a no-fly zone over Iraq.’

Fiorina then interrupted rudely.

debate fbn

Trump threw down a quick stab shortly after.


A few moments later some real truth came out regarding the CIA’s funding of ISIS and the phony war on terror.

“[…] don’t arm your enemies,” Sen. Rand Paul said.

[Another break on the debate floor]

After the break Jeb Bush was asked if he would bail out the banks by the editor of the WSJ.

Needless to say Bush babbled on.

“The real economy has been hurt by the vast overreach of the Obama Administration,” Bush said.

Dr. Carson was then asked about the size of major banks and if it would be better if the were “broken up.”

Carson addressed the issue well, talking about the underlying issue of too much “regulation.”

We all are facing a “stampede of regulations […] and it’s hurting the poor […] the middle-class.

Sen. Mark Rubio jumped in head-first by pointing out how the government made the banks too big.”


9:47 p.m.: Cruz was asked about Wall Street fraud and if he would go after the crooks of Wall Street.

“Absolutely yes,” Sen. Cruise said, also mentioning he would not bail out the big banks.

Cruz was shortly after cut off by the buzzer when talking about the IRS.

Cruz said he would let the banks fail on their own.

Let me get this straight “millions of the depositors would be on the line,” FBN host Cavuto said with concern, probably changing the minds of many voters who were watching the broadcast live.

At six-minutes til’ nine Fiorina spilled her guts on “crony capitalism.” She said that “we must take our government back.”

9:55 p.m.: [Break]

9:58 p.m.: Sen. Rubio was asked about Hillary Clinton and her experience.

“Well that’s a great question, and let me begin my answer,” Rubio said humorously; due to Clinton’s track record.

‘The GOP will be the party of the future,’ Rubio said in closing.

Ted Cruz then stepped up to the mic to bash Hillary.

10:03 p.m.: Trump mentions “corporate inversion.”

At five-after-ten Sen. Rand Paul came out saying “we need to look before we leap”, in regards to climate change. Paul also mention the need for coal powered plants.

“Let them drill, let them explore,” Paul said.


Jeb came in talking about how Hillary Clinton wants to strangle off the energy sector and how he wants to expand it.

Jeb was the abruptly cut off at 10:07 p.m. by FBN host Cavuto.

[Another break]

Ugh. It’s been tough making it though this one folks–let me tell ya’. While FBN has been fair it has also made for a boring, eventless, debate. [Shrugs]


In closing Fiorina pointed out what it would be like under a “Clinton presidency”; [insert your worst nightmare here.]

Bush and Cruz closed quickly after.

Cruz pointed out how “we can turn this country around.” Then, just before the buzzer went off, Ted shamelessly plugged his website on national TV.

“TedCruz.org,” he said.

In closing Dr. Carson talked about how the ‘PC culture’ is destroying America.

Trump ending by reminding viewers how he is “self-funding” his campaign and is not ‘bought and paid for’ Per sey.


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