Turkish Police Arrest Dozens of Social Media Users For Posting About Protests

The crackdown on Turkish protesters has now reached into the realm of “thought crime.”

Taken from Occupy Gezi Facebook page
Taken from Occupy Gezi Facebook page

By JG Vibes
June 7, 2013

The protests in Turkey begin to grow as the current regime refuses demands that they resign from their positions.  After days of murdering and injuring innocent people on the streets, the government is now rounding up users of social media, for spreading information that they didn’t like.

CNN Reported that:

In a move likely to inflame the anger of Turkish protesters, authorities earlier arrested two dozen social media users on accusations of spreading false information about demonstrations sweeping the nation.  Police detained 25 people and were searching for 13 more on accusations of using social media networks such as Twitter to spread false details about the anti-government protests and police reaction to them, according to the semiofficial Anadolu Agency news service.

“I’m not giving my daughter up,” teenage suspect Begum Ozpaklar’s mother said. “I spoke to our lawyer, who spoke with the police, and I’m not handing my daughter to them until I know that they will take her statement immediately.”

“Those kids are being held behind bars, no sunlight. It’s not healthy,” she said.

The Turkish Interior Ministry said Wednesday that “false” information shared over social media had “misguided the youth” and led to protests that “threatened the security of life and property of people,” according to Anadolu.

The president told the media on a recent trip to Tunisia that the people initiating the protests are “terrorists” because they are speaking out against the regime.






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