Two free smartphone apps that will eliminate Monsanto, aspartame, HFCS and processed foods

By Gregg Prescott, M.S. | In5D

Despite numerous outcries for GMO labeling, no one really knows if the food they are buying contains GMO’s or not… until now.

A new app called ‘Buycott” was unleashed in May of 2013 but was temporarily taken off the market because their server could not handle the traffic to their website.  At one point, the Buycott app was being downloaded at a rate of up to 10 downloads per second!

The app is once again available for all smartphones but as of this date of publication, I am receiving the following message:

“We’re experiencing an unexpected influx of users. No activity yet.”

That being said, I was still able to scan products.


Developer Ivan Pardo stated on the company’s Facebook page that they were working on moving to a new server that can handle the traffic.

Buycott is a free smartphone app that allows you to scan any given product at the grocery store and not only tells you which foods are ultimately linked to Monsanto and their GMO’s but also companies who are engaging in cruelty to animals or other negative behaviors.

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