Two key figures in Flint water crisis mysteriously wind up dead


Funny thing about large scandals that threaten the establishment… people tend to mysteriously die around them.

Speaking of, two of the main people involved in the Flint water crisis have now turned up dead.

First, you have the Flint Water Treatment Plant foreman, 43-year-old Matthew McFarland, who died suddenly Saturday, April 16th. Police say there were no signs of foul play in the home, and a cause of death has yet to be determined.

McFarland had recently been questioned by police in regards to whether or not he had misled everyone by purposefully downplaying the dangers of Flint’s lead-poisoned drinking water, while his co-worker Michael Glasgow had just been officially charged with willful neglect of duty and evidence tampering for falsifying Flint’s water quality reports.

Toxicology reports on McFarland are still being processed… Think they’ll find anything?

The second person to meet an untimely demise around Flint just so happens to be one of the first plaintiffs to file suit over the city’s lead-tainted water, 19-year-old Sasha Avona Bell. Her 16-month-old son is one of 220 lead-poisoned children involved in what is now 98 lawsuits against Flint.

Bell and a female friend were fatally shot on Tuesday, April 19th in a townhouse. Bell’s son was found there, unharmed. Police arrested 18-year-old Malek Thornton (mugshot below) on suspicion of committing the crime.

As he and Bell used to date, police and the media are reporting the double murder motive as a spurned lover scenario.

The timing, however, cannot be missed.

We’ve seen mass banker deaths surrounding financial scandals and mass doctor deaths surrounding cover ups.

One has to wonder… is this just the beginning in Flint?

Also, how about water is one of the most abundant sources on the planet so why can’t cities just stop poisoning everyone? Is that really so hard?

Via Daily Sheeple

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