Two men arrested for throwing pig head at mosque in retaliation for soldier’s beheading

pigs head

Meanwhile radical Muslims continue to sever human heads

By Lexi Morgan

LANCASHIRE, England (INTELLIHUB) — A rather interesting incident took place at the Blackpool Central Mosque this week ending with the arrest of two Englishmen who were retaliating in protest of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier who was beheaded in broad daylight by two Muslims in 2013.

Timothy Tuttle chiming in for Patriot Newswire has it all right.

Tuttle explains:

We’ve come to live in a very strange world, indeed. A world where you can cut a man’s head off in the name of a cult, and anyone who calls you out for it is deemed a racist. Certainly, per your cult’s rules, regulations and guidelines, your decapitation of your fellow-man is merely an act of workplace violence. You see, your cult is actually a beautiful religion of peace, and anyone who doesn’t see things that way is obviously white… um, we mean, racist.

However, if someone decides to throw a pig’s head at a place of your cult’s worship, say a Mosque, then they must certainly be sent to jail. No passing go and collecting any number or dollars (or black-eyed virgins… wait, was that racist? Okay, or any colored eyed virgins); simply straight to jail.

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Was the men’s protest justified?


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