Two Teens Charged Under New Law That Criminalizes “Sexting”

By JG Vibes
January 7, 2013

With the many serious problems that our society is experiencing, it is always very sad to see police forces diverting such enormous amounts of attention and resources towards victimless crimes, as they often do.

The negative consequences of this legal approach can be seen in the news every day, from police brutality to the drug war and pretty much any situation where nonviolent people are forced to behave in any particular way.

Just recently a controversial issue has led to legislation which is now criminalizing innocent children who are simply taking part in the growing and learning experience that all of us did in our adolescence, just with added technology that we didn’t have access to.

This legislation criminalizes “sexting” or in other words the sending of naked photos through text messages.  Now not long after its implementation, this law has allowed the police to charge two teenagers for voluntary private communications that they sent back and forth to one another.

According to CBS News:


“Greensburg – Two Greensburg Salem Middle School students are among the first to be charged under a new state law that regulates sexting among teens.  “A 13-year-old girl took a photo; she was naked from the waist up, took a picture of herself and sent it to a 14-year-old boy at his request,” said Detective Sgt. Henry Fontana, of Greensburg Police.

The boy deleted the photo and did not forward it to friends. It was the girl’s mother who later found the photo on her phone and called police.  “Under the new law that just went into effect on Christmas Eve, that is a summary offense,” said Detective Sgt. Fontana.

The new law creates a tiered system for adjudicating sexting cases that differentiates between those who make bad decisions and those who have bad intentions.   Under the new law, minors over the age of 12 charged for the first time will get a summary citation. A second offense will result in a misdemeanor charge. Felony child pornography laws remain on the books and could still apply if the photos are distributed with malicious intent.”

While I do understand that there is a need to protect children from adult sexual predators, there are already laws on the books for this, although they are sadly under enforced and rarely are the claims of children taken seriously.

Instead of addressing this actual problem, this new legislation aims to control what underage children do voluntarily amongst themselves.  This doesn’t mean that we should necessarily condone or celebrate any particular activity, but there is absolutely no reason to get the state involved in a situation where two children are interacting voluntarily and not hurting one another.

Handling these kinds of situations falls under the responsibility of the parent, and even then the parent should take extreme caution to negotiate with their children to solve the problem, instead of bullying them.

This law is just another attack on the civil liberties of children, the worlds most mistreated and disrespected minority.

Today’s children are having such strict legal guidelines imposed on them so they can be prepared for the type of authoritarian society that this current government and ruling class wishes to create.


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