U.N. New World Order Project wants sustainable development by 2030, world happiness by 2050

Although these goals may initially sound good on the surface--rest assured they're not

(INTELLIHUB) — The United Nations New World Order Project calls for sustainable development by 2030 and for world happiness, well-being, and freedom by 2050–all of which are being implemented on the group’s own accord.

The peccable intergovernmental organization plans to take the planet back from its inhabitants through an initiative that sounds more loving and caring than it actually is.

“The United Nations New World Order Project is a global, high-level initiative founded in 2008 to advance a new economic paradigm, a new political order, and more broadly, a new world order for humankind, which achieves the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050,” the about section of the scheme explains.

The proverbial road map focuses on three individual initiatives all of which are packaged in a manner intended to sound attractive to the general public. After all, they need us good little sheep to obey and follow along while those behind the veil and their minions carry out their dirty work.

The first of the three initiatives the group plans to embrace is “happytalism: which according to them “is a new economic paradigm which places happiness, well-being, and freedom at the center of human development models, systems, and all life.”

The white paper is authored by Jayme Illien and Luis Gallardo is “an inquiry into the nature of the human condition and happiness” and is essentially a psychological warfare mechanism that the shadow masters intend to use against the people of the planet.

International Day of Happiness


The second initiative of the New World Order Project focuses on the group’s International Day of Happiness doctrine which promotes a 10 step campaign theme for 2020 aimed at transforming the hearts and minds of those who are too weak to think for themselves.

“Let’s unite and win the fight against COVID 19 by following this year’s #TenStepsToGlobalHappiness for the 2020 #InternationalDayOfHappiness,” an excerpt of the plan reads.

The 10 step guide is nothing more than a tool that’s being used to program the masses under the guise of the invisible enemy also known as COVID-19. The guide calls for people to stick together and to follow the advice of the World Health Organization which has been proven to at best be nothing more than a eugenics front.

As an example, the 10 step guide wants people to stay social and remain happy as long as they do it online and not out in the real world which plays into the whole humans are bad theme.

“Happiness is contagious,” the guide reads. “Step 4 is to stay social online and do what makes you happy!”

Spread joy around the world on social media while fighting to end COVID 19. Funny videos that make people laugh, while educating about ending the virus are great for step 4. Staying social online is also key to maintaining positive mental health and state of mind while reducing anxiety and stress.

And if that is not enough to make you sick step 6 of the guide goes on to inform the reader that daily exercise is good for the body–just as long as it’s indoor exercise.

“Exercise every day, meditate, practice mindfulness, and yoga. Staying active and mindful is a great way to spend time at home while reducing anxiety and stress, and boosting your immune system, which in turn, will reduce the spread of the virus, and help #FlattenTheCurve,” step 6 states.

This is what they have reduced us to. This is what they want to see as the new norm worldwide.

Making matters worse, step 8 ensures the reader stays “informed about facts and news regarding the COVID 19 outbreak, and avoid myths” and requests that the reader to use official sources to do so.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) website has great information on how to prevent contagion, stop the disease, and avoid myths,” the message infers.

Coming full circle, step 10 wants the reader to accept the original “happytalism” initiative outlined in the U.N.’s New Economic Paradigm plan.

Sustainable development

The third initiative of the plan covers the UN’s global goals for sustainable development which they plan to achieve by the end of the decade.

Victoria Andrievska/Flickr

“Advancing a new economic paradigm of happytalism for humanity means mobilizing $30 trillion toward achieving the 17 UN Global Goals, 169 targets by 2030,” a promotion for the initiative reads. “Join us.”

From GlobalGoals.org:

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

17 global goals the initiative outlines:

  1. No poverty
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Good health and well-being
  4. Quality education
  5. Gender equality
  6. Clean water and sanitization
  7. Affordable and clean energy
  8. Decent work and economic growth
  9. Industry innovation and infrastructure
  10. Reduced inequalities
  11. Sustainable cities and communities
  12. Responsible consumption and production
  13. Climate action
  14. Life below water
  15. Life on land
  16. Peace, justice, and strong institutions
  17. Partnerships for the goals

Although some of these goals may initially sound good on the surface to some rest assured the powers-that-be want to achieve these goals via the most Orwellian and dystopian means possible to guarantee total control of the populace. (i.e. they want to lower the population of the planet by 80-90% in order to achieve their goals which would in their minds also make the population much more manageable) So you may want to think twice before open-heartedly accepting their rubbish.

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