U.S. diplomats in Cuba targeted with brain damaging sonic weaponry

Is the the Cuban government is targeting U.S. and Canadian diplomats residing in the country with secret sonic weaponry?

(INTELLIHUB) — It appears that both U.S. and Canadian diplomats residing in Cuba have been targeted for a slow death by the Cuban government via secret sonic weaponry which has already caused some brain damage and central nervous system damage, medical records show.

Diplomats started to report incidents in late 2016 after suffering from balance disorders, hearing loss, headaches and nausea along with harassment, continual surveillance, vehicle vandalization, and illegal home entries.

As of yet the U.S. State Department has not identified the source of the attacks but is holding Cuban authorities responsible.

“We hold the Cuban authorities responsible for finding out who is carrying out these health attacks on not just our diplomats but, as you’ve seen now, there are other cases with other diplomats involved,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement.

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Some U.S. diplomats in Cuba diagnosed with serious health conditions, medical records show — CBS News

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