U.S. “Feral Reserve Boink” Reels Into The Jubilee Year


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Richard Sauder
August 23, 2011

Oh, did I misspell U.S. Federal Reserve Bank? You’ll have to excuse me. I’m feeling a little dizzy this afternoon, because it is all unraveling so fast now. The world of high finance is cracking apart, outright falling apart. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is failing, mostly because the U.S. Federal Reserve Note is rapidly losing value, mostly due to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s own criminally stupid, criminally inept and criminally corrupt policies, and since the Federal Reserve Note is essentially its one and only product, its bread and butter, the whole criminal cabal is destined for the ash heap of history, and soon. Consequently, by Christmastime the USA and most of the rest of the world are likely to be in a chaotic uproar, much more so than now. We’ll be lucky if these monsters-pretending-to-be-humans do not stage a notorious “false flag” terrorist attack in Paris or Montreal or Chicago or …. you name the place, and use that as a trumped up casus belli to go after Iran and initiate a general, global war, likely nuclear, in a desperate, Strangelovian bid to fight their way out of terminal, imperial collapse.

There are a lot of reasons for why this financial collapse is happening, but the most important is that we are rapidly approaching the dramatic conclusion of a grand, multi-thousand year cycle, the End of the Age. Swedish analyst and commentator Carl Calleman has written about this from the perspective of his interpretation of the Mayan Calendar. His calculations indicate that events will build to a crescendo and climax on 28 October, as the Mayan calendar ends, just a little over two months from now, with continued economic turmoil in the interim period.

The Fifth Night of the Ninth Wave

Interestingly, he sees the inevitability of a wide-scale “forgiveness of debts” for ordinary people, as being an intrinsic part of the inevitable transformation of the economic system.

I heartily concur. In fact, I specifically called for a Jubilee Year in the statements that I released to the press in early and mid-2010, on the occasion of my nonviolent peace demonstration on a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota, USA. In my Minot Manifesto and Serious Message From The Heart of America, I forthrightly called for an across-the-board nonpayment of debts – auto loans, house loans, student loans, furniture loans. It all should be forgiven, seeing as it all is based on a global, fraudulent, Ponzi scheme run by the world’s central banks, who are “loaning” fictitious, fiat money into existence at interest, and doing this right out of thin air. It’s as phony-baloney as can be.

So why not call a Jubilee Year, and forgive all of the fraudulent debt across the board? It’s all a big board game, using paper money. That’s all – just pieces of paper. The banks hand you pieces of paper, and then proceed to suck you dry, to take your life and property from you as the decades toll slowly by, week by week, month after month.

I was, therefore, pleased and amused to see a spectacular crop formation pop up in the fields of Jubilee Plantation in southern England just a few days ago. The intelligences behind the crop formations are astute observers of the happenings on our world, and so they see very clearly what is coming. We are indeed going to have a Jubilee Year, and a big one, so big that you will never forget the events that will very shortly transpire. By this time next year, and maybe even by Christmas, paying a mortgage note, or making a car payment, or making payments on a student loan (which you perhaps can’t pay anyway, because you maybe don’t have a job, or even if you do, it doesn’t pay enough so that you can pay off your alleged “debts”) – all of that is going to very quickly become the very least of your worries. It’s all going bye-bye, and quite soon, all of it.

Why? Well, when the banks fail and the government agencies fail, and the clerks and secretaries and inspectors and mail men are no longer on the job, who will there be to actually send you a bill, or to physically deliver the bill to your house? Or to calculate how much you “allegedly” owe? Or to receive your payments when you mail them in? Or to operate and maintain the computers and digital data bases that keep track of who owes what to whom, and when? It’s all coming down, fast, and hard. It is entirely possible that the USA federal government will not survive the coming chaos. How long will the FBI agents stay on the job once it becomes clear to them that there will be no retirement pension, that the money they are being paid with is worthless, and that the government that gives them orders is failing, dying from its rotten inside and putrefying outward in all directions? Ditto for IRS vampire drones, CIA spooks and military personnel. How loyal will they be once they grok that they have been cynically played by the American government, and hung out to dry? Logic suggests that their loyalty to Washington, DC will become highly uncertain, and real fast, in direct proportion to their realization that they have been reamed.

Interestingly, as the comments to the Jubilee Plantation formation indicate, this cereal glyph incorporates the Phi constant, the Golden Mean, that underlays all of nature, and is seen in everything from the twining of a morning glory vine, to the graceful curve of a galactic spiral arm, to the growth of a conch shell, or the unfurling of a fern frond. It is the mathematics that the Universe uses to build and animate the natural world, at every level. Implicitly, this formation is heralding the imminent arrival of the Jubilee, and forgiveness of all onerous and odious debt, and also pointing to the power of nature, which will be on display in the near future. Nature will be heard from, that is a firm promise, and all of this unnatural insanity will be forcefully put in the subordinate place that it so richly merits. American television viewers of a certain age will remember the 1970s-era margarine commercials that said, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

No, it really is not.

The chorus of voices warning of what is to come – and very soon! is growing larger. Here is a warning from three Russian scientists. Two of them also have a similar message on the Jubilee Plantation crop formation comments link above.

Destruction or Ascension– Or both?

The Russians warn of imminent, major cataclysm, the first of three episodes, beginning the last week of this month, mere days from now. Are they right? We shall know soon. If no major cataclysms occur over the next couple of weeks, then they are wrong, at least in part. If no major cataclysms occur at all over the next couple of years, then they are just completely blowing smoke. But the mega-earthquakes in Japan this year, and in Sumatra in 2004, show that we are, indeed, in a period of major, geological instability, so we shall see whether the Russians are on to something.

Then I stumbled across Clarity Ross’s intriguing videos recently. I do not know who Clarity Ross is, other than that he is one more voice on YouTube, putting his message out for the world to consider. According to himself, he is an intuitive who has had realizations starting in 1998 of an impending, global, civilization-ending, financial collapse, that has been expertly rigged to take place in October and November of this year. It will be swift and devastating. He says that it will start with the sudden failure of two large banks, and then the collapse will very rapidly take place after that.

Economic Apocalypse 2011

The financial order will go down hard. It will collapse in total ruins like the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. He calls it the “Flash Crash” of late 2011 that is being done by expert “architects of destruction,” operating beyond any governmental control. Perhaps he is right.

Flash Crash 2011

Clarity says that the financial markets will be suddenly, massively taken down, in a vastly sophisticated, highly computerized, global operation.

Collapse Of The Middle Class 2011

Clarity Ross says that the “Flash Crash” is designed to create great misery. I agree that the crash will create immense suffering and turmoil, and that it will be a civilization altering event, for better or for worse. No doubt it is going to be one of the most momentous, historical inflection points ever known or experienced in the long trajectory of the human sojourn on this planet.

Big Bank Failures To Trigger Global Financial Collapse

Financial Crash 2011: Don’t Underestimate Destructivity

New World Order Elite Aren’t Really Elite

Economic Collapse: Preparation, To Store Or Not To Store

2012 Timeline of Events

Clarity Ross recommends that everyone should choose a life of affluence in order to go deeply into consequent boredom with materiality, and eventually search for deeper spiritual answers to life.

While I find much of value in his YouTube videos, this is one point where Clarity Ross loses me. I definitely understand the value of searching for the deep spiritual meaning of life, but I don’t see how everyone can “choose” a life situation of affluence, when the global economic system is massively, criminally rigged to funnel the vast majority of the world’s financial resources into the hands of less than 1% of the global population. So in that respect, I find some of his commentary to be simplistic. I mean, precisely how does a child born into dirt-poor squalor in a slum in Thailand or Bangladesh or Brazil or Liberia, “choose” a life of affluence? Moreover, seeing as the global financial system is imploding daily before our watching eyes, precisely how are the billions of people living in poverty supposed to become affluent? Exactly how does that happen?

Clarity Ross also avers that the destructive principle in the Universe is stronger than the creative principle. Logically, to my mind, it is the other way around. Given the vast age of the Universe, if the destructive principle were more powerful than the creative principle, the Universe would have self-destructed long ago. While I don’t deny that the destructive principle certainly does have great power and a very wide scope of action, it is self-evident that there must be an overall bias in favor of the creative principle, because the Universe has manifestly persisted across the many billions of years. If it were otherwise, it would not still be here.

Interestingly, he does say that November 22, 2010 was when he was shown what he called “Pure Destructivity” that is 100% focused on destructivity, which was released into the world to have its way with the planet and humanity, with no restraints, to carry out its agenda of tremendous destruction. November 2010 was also the period when I undertook my ayahuasca vision quest and saw what I have called The Machine in operation, that is now assaulting the Earth and humanity. Quite possibly what he calls the great “Destructivity” that has been unleashed on the world, is the destructive aspect of The Machine’s ruthless agenda on this planet. I did see that The Machine is relentless. It will not stop. It will not change what it is doing. It is pitiless and without remorse.

Essentially, Clarity Ross recommends that the only way out of our impasse is to focus on a “new idea,” on “non-dual realization.” He emphasizes, “non-dual clarification,” a higher perspective on what is taking place, as the proper way to react to what is very shortly going to happen. By which I think he is saying, don’t get so caught up in the drama of what is about to happen, that you lose your mind, that you lose your spiritual poise, that you violently act out or lash out, that you are plunged into bottomless despair. As I understand him, he is advising that people remain calm, objective and spiritually detached from the violently dysfunctional melodrama that is imminently going to massively play out all over this planet.

He also warns of tremendous geological cataclysms that will begin in the spring of 2012.

In fact, the bulk of what Clarity Ross is saying is consistent with what The Bone Lady communicated to me in 1958, and it is also consistent with information a great many others have perceived or been shown in dreams, visions, direct intuition, inner realization, UFO abductions, remote viewing, etc. It is consistent with crucial aspects of Clif High’s forecasts at www.halfpasthuman.com, which also highlight October and November of this year as a time of tremendous turmoil, and other more conventional forecasters like Gerald Celente, who is also forecasting the Greatest Depression to imminently occur globally. And there are others, like Carl Calleman (mentioned above), the Swedish Mayan calendar expert, who is pointing to 28 October 2011 as a deeply significant temporal marker, effectively marking the End of the Age, and the transition to a new world reality.

Now, if you find that Clif High, the Russian scientists, English crop formations, Clarity Ross and Carl Calleman are too esoteric for your tastes, are too “out there,” not grounded enough in everyday reality, then consider this news item:

Postal Service considers cutting 120,000 jobs

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is skating on the edge of outright failure. It looks like the best case scenario is for that agency to fire or somehow get rid of 120,000 employees, close over 3,600 postal facilities, and/or outright fail to pay a $5.5 billion dollar obligation next month. A sober consideration of these hard facts suggests that the U.S. Postal Service is on its last legs. How long can it last as a functional organization?

If it fails, its failure will be a sledge hammer blow to the USA government and American society. The USPS handles many billions of dollars worth of checks, money orders and other financial instruments and transactions every month. It is one of the largest and most essential financial institutions in the USA, as well as the agency tasked with delivering the daily mail to private residences and businesses. Its failure will cause unbelievable hardship and chaos. And yet, the plain indications are that it is in real danger of failing, maybe even in the coming months.

The evidence for the accelerating disintegration of the USA is everywhere. As millions of people lose their houses, their jobs, their life savings and more, it is inevitable that shanty towns and squatter settlements would spring up, and so they have, all over the USA.

Economic Woes Lead to Proliferation of Tent Cities Nationwide

As the dollar collapses, as the stock market continues to gyrate wildly up and down like an out-of-control yo-yo, as the price of gold and silver goes up and up, as more and more people are literally kicked to the curb by this uncaring, failing financial and political system, we draw ever closer to the October-November period, which a variety of analysts and forecasters, using different methodologies and ways of knowing, have pinpointed as the time of a great financial collapse that will bring a spectacular end to the current, criminally dysfunctional, global system of political-economy.

Whoa! – I almost forgot the GEAB special report of summer 2011. They are also warning of the “Autumn 2011 shock.”

Global systemic crisis – Last warning before the Autumn 2011 shock, when $15 trillion of financial assets go up in smoke

The report warns that $15 trillion of U.S. dollar denominated paper “wealth” will imminently “go up in smoke,” between now and the end of 2011. It says that the world financial system’s players are going to see “the ground giving way beneath their feet,” that as the “Autumn 2011 shock” buffets the markets, that U.S. Treasury bonds will “plunge sharply.” To be sure, failure of the USA federal bond market will certainly mean “lights out” in Washington, DC and Wall Street.

Earlier this year I wrote about the oncoming economic tsunami, and how it is going to slam us all hard. I have seen nothing so far to make me change my mind. As surely as night follows day, it does look like it is oncoming, fast and fierce and hard as steel.

How do you get ready for The End of The World As We Have Known It? I don’t know. But I do know that a lot of people will not take the abrupt change(s) well. It is quite possible that very large numbers of people will die from complications associated with systemic financial failure – from utter destitution, from violent crime, from mob violence, from military assaults and warfare, from disease, from hunger, from exposure to extreme cold, from radiation poisoning as more nuclear power reactors fail and melt down, etc.

There may be a spiritual ascension, as the Russian scientists seem to think. Or not. But first it does look like we are imminently going to hit an extremely rough patch in the road. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. I suspect there are myriad possibilities, that span the gamut from unspeakably hellish to unimaginably sublime.

Get ready. Because we are all about to sail together right over the edge of the Known Universe, and into uncharted territory, a real terra incognita.

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