U.S. funded migrant influx mandates National Guard troop response near border

By Shepard Ambellas

Camps possibly being manned for American citizens, migrants may be an excuse

(Photo source: Flickr)
(Photo source: Flickr)

(INTELLIHUB) — Even though the U.S. government has been caught red-handed busing illegal immigrants into the U.S., under a DoD/FEMA funded program, House Speaker John A. Boehner held true to an official narrative Wednesday, which will ultimately allow the National Guard and likely even U.N. troops to occupy U.S. regions near the border sooner than later.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats plan to move fast, forcefully pushing along their new $2.7 billion dollar spending bill to help combat the very influx of illegal migrants the Obama Administration is actually funding.

The Washington Post reported:

Boehner said Wednesday that House Republicans would seek to authorize $1.5 billion to pay for more border security and Guard deployments, dramatically lower than Obama’s request.


In a brief interview with The Washington Post, Granger said that her proposals would tweak current immigration laws. The goal is to “change the law – not to repeal the law, not to completely change the law but change a portion that will let us send the children back in a very speedy way,” she said.

“We’ve been to Guatemala and Honduras and twice to the border to see what is really happening. The consensus, absolutely, is that we send the children back as quick as we can. We also want to make sure the countries receiving them have the capacity,” she added.

However, all of this is simply window dressing for the masses as the Department of Defense and FEMA are currently scouting for and constructing holding camps in abandon warehouses, airplane hangars and even box stores like Wal-Mart.

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Moreover, some, like myself speculate that the U.S. government is manning FEMA camp facilities for the American people, all the while saying that they are for the illegals. After all, you can’t just start manning camps across the U.S. with no occupants. This way rumors will be dispelled. It’s simple. The cover story is that the camps are needed due to the “illegal influx”.

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