U.S. Marine, Trump supporter, jumped by L.A. thugs, holds his own to protect Trump’s Hollywood star

An altercation got ugly Thursday night when a gang of alt-left thugs jumped a U.S. Marine near Donald Trump's Hollywood star


HOLLYWOOD (INTELLIHUB) — A U.S. Marine who also happens to be a Trump supporter was jumped by a group of thugs Thursday night near Trump’s Hollywood star after one of the thugs addressed the soldier by calling him a “nigga. Miraculously, the entire altercation was caught on video showing just how far the alt-left will go to retain their power.

“I can say nigga if I want to bro!” One thug told the Marine to his face with anger. “You don’t get to tell me what to do. If I wanna talk and use the word I use I’ll use it man F–you!”

The agitator then proceeded to taunt the marine by claiming he’s rollin’ deep (with more people).

“We’re deep right now he,” explained. “We’re deeper than you.”

Soon after, the Marine told the unruly thug to get out of his face and that’s when the altercation went from bad to worse. However, to no surprise, the Trump-supporting Marine held his own during the attack by fending off multiple simultaneous attackers.

Elijah Schaffer tweeted: “So now wearing a Trump jersey with @Joy_Villa is enough to get your crew beaten up in Los Angeles. Jk. We stood our ground. They stole our $3000 camera. PayPal info@photosbyelijah.com or Venmo @elijah-Schaffer PLEASE. Need to replace it to film.”

Hundreds of comments poured in after the tweet went out. Thomas Pain replied: “Shout out to the Marine getting shit done! Multiple attackers and still dealing! #Respect”

Justin Avery tweeted: “Cowards jumping people hopefully they get a dose of their own medicine soon, would be great to find out their names.”

Jerrald Thomas wrote: “Why aren’t these animals arrested?”

Sadly, the group’s $3000 camera was stolen during the brutal melee.

Law enforcement has not yet commented on the matter.

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