U.S. military solicits crisis actors for al Qaeda ‘role-player support’ — Backdrop to be S. Carolina


Following a recent report by CNN which suggests terrorists in Yemen are yearning to terrorize America, we see the U.S. Marine Corps put out a solicitation for crisis actors

By Shepard Ambellas

SOUTH CAROLINA (INTELLIHUB) — It has now become common practice amongst C.I.A. affiliated newsrooms and artificial military units to employ crisis actors, swaying the public’s perception by projecting a pre-scripted and desired outcome.

We first saw this type of propaganda start to surface from CNN during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when they were caught staging a live news broadcast from a studio mocked up like “Saudi Arabia”. During the broadcast, the actors role-played as if they were under attack by Scud missiles.

Now, just as Anderson Cooper’s 360 has prepped us for a coming terror attack deriving from Yemen, the United States Marine Corps. has put out a $58,573 solicitation requesting 25 al Qaeda role-players to take part in a South Carolina “training”.

The official “statement of work” filed as DASR_role_player_sow_draft_1.doc (38.50 Kb) reads:


Role Players for MSOC Mike Final Exercise 

3D Marine Special Operations Battalion 

1. Scope.  This Statement of Work (SOW) establishes the requirement to provide role players, for MSOC Mike, 3D Marine Special Operations Battalion (3D MSOB) personnel during their Direct Action (DA) special Reconnaissance (SR) Final exercise (FX).  The instructional services shall be conducted for all personnel assigned to Marine Special Operation Company Mike (MSOC M) 3D MSOB.  This SOW addresses the basis of operations, administrative, and instructional tasks required.  The subcontractor shall be required to work closely with the 3D MSOB Training Officer to coordinate all support necessary to conduct this training. 

1.1. Purpose.  The purpose of this SOW is to define the role player support required by a subcontractor to support MSOC M personnel undergoing a Direct Action (DA) and Special Reconnaissance (SR) package as part of their pre-deployment training.  This training is under the cognizance of the 3D MSOB Training Officer.  Training shall be in support of DA and SR Package during MSOC M’s pre-deployment training program.

1.2. Background.  MSOC M will be conducting Full Mission Profile DA/SR missions in urban and rural environments. The Training will be conducted in and around Charleston, Ruffin, and Beaufort, South Carolina.  During past training evaluations, the Training Cell has validated the requirement to conduct realistic training involving capable role players to build on the TTP’s already provided from previous training and incorporating lessons learned applications from SOCOM. The Role Players will be utilized in multiple sites at the locations mentioned, and through DA/SR scenarios.    

1.3 Period of Performance.  The period of performance is for 25 April, 2014 thru 2 May 2014 and 6 – 13 June 2014.  Each Final exercise is an 8-day training event which will be conducted by members of MSOC M. The locations of the exercise will be in the Charleston S.C. area. 

2. Applicable Documentation and Support Materials.  The following documentation forms a part of this SOW to the extent specified herein.

2.1. Agency to provide GFE/GFI support.  3D MSOB, Camp Lejeune, NC will be the focal point for coordination of receipt of GFE/GFI and resolution of issues surrounding the GFE/GFI.  Return of GFE/GFI shall be coordinated with the 3D MSOB Training Office upon completion of subcontractor performance or as directed by the POC. 

2.2. POC addresses: 

Technical Point of Contact

Master Sergeant Cabral Joao C.

Training Cell SNCOIC

Phone (910) 449-9383

Email: joao.cabral@usmc.mil

Contract Support Point of Contact

Capt McBride, Labarron

Phone (910) 450-6794

Email: labarron.mcbride@usmc.mil

3. Requirements

General.  This exercise is considered to be an important segment of collective training of MSOC M’s pre-deployment training program.

  • (1) Male/Female, Fluent French-speaking role player with a college education in chemistry.
  • (1)Al Qaeda personality needs to be the same personality for both iterations of exercise.
  • (3)  Male HVI Role Players that are capable or understand trade craft. (2) of the HVI Role Players must be available to be used as the same personalities during the first and second phases of the MSOC’s Final Exercise.
  • (2) US #1&2 from  25 April thru 2 May 2014,  6-11 June 2014
    • (2) US #1&2 from  25 April thru 2 May 2014,  6-11 June 2014
    • (1) (French Speaker) HVI #1 from 25-30 April 2014
    • (1) HVI #2 from 25 April – 2 May 2014
    • (1) AQ personality  25 April – 2 May 2014 from 6-13 June 2014
    • (10) Role Players for  01 May 2014/not part of  top 5 HVIs
    • (10) Role Players for  12 June 2014/not part of  top 5 HVIs

All Role Players(OPFOR) provided should:


  • Have a good understanding of current SOF TTP’s.
  • Be able to change with the scenario.
  • US citizens.
  • The Contractor Organization shall ensure lodging, per-diem, flight    reservations, travel to and from the training sites, and any other costs not mentioned, with the overall bid and are setup at the contractor’s expense and effort in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations.
  • The Contractor Organization shall start coordinating with the 3d MSOB Training Cell as soon as the contract is awarded in order to save valuable time and resources as well as prevent any confusion. 
  • The Contractor Organization shall be on site one day prior to training to arrange facility backside support and detailed coordination in order to ensure training site is properly prepared.
  • The Contractor(s) will provide (10) AK 47’s with blank ammunition. 

3.1. Detailed. Vendor (Corporate) Qualifications.  N/A

3.2 Mishap:  If a mishap involving services under this subcontract results in an injury, 3D MSOB shall promptly report the incident.  If the Marine Corps conduct an investigation of the accident, the subcontractor shall cooperate and assist Government personnel until the investigation is complete.  Subcontractors shall allow authorized Government representatives access to the subcontractors’ facilities, personnel and safety program documentation.

3.3 Subcontractor Responsibility for Safety:  Nothing in the SOW, nor any Government action or failure to act in surveillance of this subcontract, shall relieve the subcontractor of its responsibility for the safety of the subcontractor’s personnel and property, the Government’s personnel and property, and the general public.  Furthermore, nothing in this SOW shall relieve the subcontractor of its responsibility for complying with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws, ordinances, codes and regulations (including those requiring applicable licenses and permits) in connection with the performance of this subcontract.

According to the solicitation, a company named BKM Global, which is veteran owned, was awarded the contract. However, a search for BKM Global on Google doesn’t reveal much.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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