U.S. War Gears Turning As Alleged Iranian Terror Plot Considered ‘Act Of War’

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
October 12, 2011

Top officials have been talking it up regarding the alleged terror plot in the capital city of the U.S. (DC) as they consider the plot an act of war.

Another staged diversion (false flag operation) is in the works, possibly coming down the pipe.

The globalist plan is all to predictable with even CNN  claiming on TV this morning that this alleged terror plot is almost too much to buy.

The all too familiar matrix style programming is not always so effective on the masses’ as many awaken.

The U.S. is now calling for worldwide sanctions on Iran as the war gears are turn.

The following events have taken place:

Former GOP representative Hoekstra stated the following as covered by NewsMax;

Former GOP representative and intelligence expert Pete Hoekstra blasted Obama administration policies Tuesday for emboldening Iran, and described the massive, international terror plot to assassinate a Saudi Arabian ambassador and blow up at least one embassy an “act of war.”

According to ABC the alleged plot consisted of;

The officials said the plot included the assassination of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, with a bomb and subsequent bomb attacks on the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington, D.C. Bombings of the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were also discussed, according to the U.S. officials.

Rep. Peter King stated during a CNN interview;

Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, called carrying out such a scheme an “act of war” five times during a five-minute CNN interview.

While outlining several other steps that Washington may take, he insisted that no options be ruled out.

“We should not be … automatically saying we’re not going to have military action,” King said Tuesday night, saying that this “flagrant and notorious” alleged plot brought already testy relations between the United States and Iran to a “very precipitous level.”

“Everything should be left on the table when you are talking about a potential attack (in) the United States, an act of war.”

Mohammad Khazaee, Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said Tuesday night that he was “shocked to hear such a big lie.”

He said the chain of events outlined by U.S. authorities was an “insult to the common sense” of people everywhere.

A senior U.S. defense official said Tuesday that there has been no change in U.S. military posture in reaction to the alleged terror plot.

No U.S. Navy ships, for example, have been repositioned and there currently are no plans to do so.

“The act is already done,” the official said, noting the plot purportedly has been disrupted and calling it “much more of a law enforcement matter” than a military one.

The most interesting aspect of this situation is the Iranian response, which seems probable at this point.

According to The New York Times, Iran sees the plot as a diversion from the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests that have been taking place throughout the country, an excerpt reads;

Iran’s leaders marshaled a furious formal rejection on Wednesday of the United States accusations that the Islamic republic had schemed to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, calling the case a cynical fabrication meant to vilify Iran and distract Americans from their own severe economic problems, highlighted by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The website defensegreece.com reported the following event taking place right in Russia’s backyard, more preparation for war;

NATO will conduct a large scale exercise, between 1 and November 12, in Lithuania. It will take place in Russia’s “backyard” because it is near the enclave of Kaliningrad. The exercise is organized by the Allied Joint Force Command (JFC), which is based in the Netherlands, and will be conducted in Pabradė Central Training Area of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The exercise is called «Steadfast Juncture 2011. The aim of the exercise is to certify NATO Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFC) Headquarters and Allied Force Command (FC) Headquarters Heidelberg Deployable Joint Staff Element (DJSE 2) to command and control a multinational deployed force for NATO Response Force (NRF) 2012 standby period.

The U.S. powers that be — can’t stand to see a nuclear equipped Iran (nuclear power or weapons), and could be plotting a preemptive strike against Iran.

Our sources say that the situation should heat up within the next 30 days as tensions mount on both sides.