UFO armada spotted over Detroit last week: Caught on video

"This is why they want us to stay in the house... this is why the f**k they want us to stay in the f**kin' house nigga!"

(INTELLIHUB) — What appears to be an armada of unidentified flying objects traveling through the Detroit evening sky last week has raised some eyebrows online and sparks the question: Have visitors from another planet have arrived?

“This is why they want us to stay in the house,” the man filming dozens of craft exclaimed. “This is why the f**k they want us to stay in the f**kin’ house nigga!”

“It ain’t the coronavirus nigga — it ain’t radiation nigga — what the fuck is this?” he asked. “What is this… in the sky right now… what’s goin’ on?”

“What is them?” the man questioned. “Them not stars either.”

The object then vanished as quickly as they appeared.

“They [are] literally vanishing, disappearing, like they turning off their shit” he explained. “They was just doing formations and shit dog… crazy… I thought I was trippin.”


“This shit not no helicopters, not no drones, none of that!”

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