UN Imposes Sanctions Against North Korea, an Act of War

By JG Vibes
March 8, 2013

At a time when most people in North Korea are already starving, the United Nations has imposed new sanctions on the country that are sure to deepen the famine that they are currently experiencing. The government there may be exceptionally horrible, but sanctions are largely a punishment to the general population, and an unfortunate precursor to war.

Aljazeera reported that:

In response to North Korea’s third nuclear test, the United Nations Security Council has voted to tighten financial restrictions on Pyongyang and crack down on its attempts to ship and receive banned cargo in breach of UN sanctions. The US-drafted resolution, which was approved unanimously by the 15-nation council on Thursday, was the product of three weeks of negotiations between the United States and China after North Korea’s third nuclear test on February 12.

According to The New York Times:

“North Korea characterized the sanctions as part of an “act of war” in its escalating criticism of the United States and its allies. Earlier this week it declared the 1953 armistice null and void as of next Monday and threatened to turn Washington and Seoul into “a sea in flames” with “lighter and smaller nukes.”

As i often mention, the way humans interact with each other on a macro scale has changed very little since the middle ages.
In the middle ages there were people who held dominion over large areas of land and everyone who inhabited that land. These people were essentially slave masters, although they went by different names, such as king, duke, pope, lord and a variety of other titles.

We may no longer live in straw huts with dirt floors, but geographical land masses are still divided in this same way, with the same relationship between slave and slave master existing on every piece of land in the world.

As we saw in the middle ages, sometimes the lords of these separate land masses would get in disagreements, and they would force their slaves to fight one another as the primary way of resolving these disputes.

Again, today nothing has changed, people who live in different geographical locations are still forced to interact this way when their rulers get into disagreements.

One wartime tactic that has been used since the dawn of history is to weaken the enemy by cutting them off from their food supply.
In the past invading armies would burn the crops of their opponents, and surround their city so they were unable to access any of the resources that they needed to survive.

This was how “economic sanctions” worked in the middle ages, and that is exactly how they work today, but the human costs are now much easier to hide because cutting off trade to a particular area doesn’t offend people as much as an in your face “scorched earth” type approach. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, both strategies have the same end result.


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