Undercover cop dressed as protester caught exiting unmarked police vehicle occupied by two other UCs

Another police false-flag: Exposed

Screenshot via Twitter

WASHINGTON, D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — An undercover cop dressed as a protester who claimed to be a CNN reporter was captured on camera exiting an unmarked police vehicle Friday night and appears to have been working in conjunction with two other undercover officers who remained inside the vehicle that the fictitious protester had disembarked just a moment or two prior.

The man dressed as a protester told The Greyzone editor Max Blumenthal, who shot the footage, that he is a journalist with CNN and claimed that he did not exit a police vehicle as Blumenthal suggested despite the fact that Blumenthal returned to the unmarked police vehicle where he proceeded to confront the remaining two men who appeared to be undercover officers.

“Look what I found outside #dcprotest. An obvious cop dressed like a protester getting out of an unmarked car and telling me he’s a CNN reporter. Beware of the lying provocateurs out here!,” he Tweeted.


To no surprise, Blumenthal caught two other UCs, who were both sitting in the parked vehicle the fictitious protester had just exited, in a lie when they said that their friend was not from CNN as he explicitly told Blumenthal several minutes before on camera.

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