(INTELLIHUB) — Two objects inside the Kuiper belt which scientists originally thought to be part of the Planet 9 system have detached themselves from their standard orbital gravity wraps and have deviated course in a maneuver which has scientists baffled.

The two independently orbiting objects broke away from NASA computer-predicted paths which appear to have forced scientists to explain away the anomaly by claiming that the infamous Planet 9 must just be ‘a swarm of asteroids’ and that scientists must have previously been mistaken when it comes to their assessment.

Withal, the new revelation brings forth the following question:

Are the two objects some type of advanced spacecraft (possibly alien) which have departed from within the vicinity of Planet 9 or are the objects merely asteroids reacting like asteroids have never before reacted as one major university model advocates?

That’s right, model research from the University of Colorado (Boulder) proposes that Planet 9 may not exist at all despite the corporate media’s heavy coverage of the newly discovered world over the past four years. In fact, one university researcher, a man by the name of Jacob Fleisig, suggests that several large packs of asteroids tricked astronomers into thinking that the amassment was one solid planet or planetary system.

In the piece Jay Bennett writes:

Jacob Fleisig, an undergraduate at CU Boulder and lead author of the new research, has proposed a different idea: That a series of small encounters, rather than a few big ones with Planet Nine, could explain the weirdness in the outer solar system.

“The model began by analyzing some exciting results of simulations we ran,” Fleisig tells Popular Mechanics via email. “We developed a theory and tested it numerically.”

The orbits of objects in the solar system are a little like the hands on a clock. Smaller objects, like the second hand, orbit faster than the bigger ones. As these small objects such as asteroids race around in their orbits, they can bunch up and accumulate on one side of the sun. These clumps of jostling small objects could have then interacted with the detached TNOs, forcing them into their strange circular orbits.

Needless to say, Fleisig’s explanation defies reality because objects simply do not detach from their common gravity wells for no reason whatsoever.

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