Update: From inside #CHAZ

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone remains lawless for the most part

Seattle Police Department in CHAZ (Derek Simeone/Flickr)

(INTELLIHUB) — The mainstream media hasn’t fully shown the big picture of what has been taking place inside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, a.k.a. CHAZ, so I figured I would do a post with a few updates from within.

My best guess would be that a rogue faction of the FBI is somehow controlling the rollout of provocateurs and is likely trying to change the narrative and search terms surrounding the movement. (i.e. “CHAZ” vs. “CHOP.”) However, that is only me speculating from afar at this point.

Warning: Some of the footage contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

This man appears to have had a bad day on Saturday after getting his phone and keys stolen inside CHAZ.


This is what the country has been reduced into.

Some take to gardening.

Public gardens?

A fight ensued over PA monitors on Sunday when a man announced that CHAZ “is a Christian zone.”

“This is a Christian zone of Jesus Chris,” the man said.

Man identifying himself with the John Brown Gun Club was spotted losing license plates of protesters on Saturday.

Antifa on the move in Seattle following Joe Biden's inauguration

A man was seen wielding a machete on Saturday in a park.

Any takers?

A scuffle broke out on Saturday after two protesters carrying American flags entered the zone.

Patriots with flags vs. communist scum.

A man choked by a mob of masked marauders.

And there you have it.

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