So, first after the U.S. got caught bombing Syrian forces to give aid to an Al Nusra terrorist “freedom fighting front,” a bunch of terror attacks happened at home in the U.S., conveniently distracting from the overseas hypocrisy… a shameful destruction of lives for an ulterior geopolitical TERRAFORMING agenda….

Then when they are called on it – on bombing-FOR-ISIS – or when they have been called out in the past for things like bombing Doctors Without Borders, hospitals, etc. (U.S. Ambassador to the UN) Samantha Power and co. say “oopsie,” and no big deal, and put up walls of plausible-denial fog-of-war shit. This tactic happens; then they flip back around and accuse Russia of bombing hospitals, more “ambulance boy children” and other sympathetic heartstrings accusations for the propaganda mill….

All that Americans know is what they are told on TV, and where to send the tax bill for the military industrial complex. Even the foreign aid recirculates to weapons manufacturing, and conflict creation.

How low to the bottom of Hell is everybody supposed to sink under the reign of this college of corrupt governments? Rarely is any side in war morally superior, but things are really slipping into the sludge and sewage of foreign affairs. They want blood, and will use blood to attract more bloodshed.

Now according to Samantha Power, Russia is ‘barbaric’… they are barbaric, and the U.S. is a fuckin’ parade of humanitarianism… for-the-children puke-worthy hypocrisy all over again.

We’re sick at what’s happening, and sick at the domesticating moves to censor language and de-listed controversial topics. Another round of the revolution will not be televised. (Fitting that Samantha Power’s husband Cass Sunstein wrote papers on censoring the web and using trolls to shut down conspiracy theorists and other “ne’er-do-wells” on the Internet).

Via TruthStream Media