US Airliner Targeted for More Staged Terror Between Now and the Olympics?

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By Shepard Ambellas
July 2, 2012

The Yemen based terror cell reportedly connected to Al Qaeda (and apparently the same cell responsible for the staged underwear bomber incident) is, according to multiple corporate news reports, planning to bomb a US airliner as a precursor to what could be to come at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Daily Mail reported;

It is believed the suspect tasked with the attack uses the Islamic name Muslim Abu Abdurrahman, had converted to Islam in 2008, and was recruited in a terrorist training camp in Yemen, sources told the Sunday Times.

It is not thought to have been aimed specifically at the Olympics in London, but security forces protecting the Games said intelligence on any possible threat was constantly reviewed.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘We have planned against the four main areas of threat: terrorism, serious and organised crime, public disorder and natural hazards.

What is interesting about this recent media rhetoric is the fact that they are including the Olympics in the article when indeed it has nothing to do with the Olympics.

Or does it?

This type of predictive programing is a form of mind and thought control that such a black ops group would use.

An excerpt from the New York Post reads;

“There is terrorist plotting going on irrespective of the Olympics. The only thing that connects this to the Olympics is the fact that they are about to happen,” said a Whitehall official.

I just don’t see the connection.

It looks as if this could possibly be some kind of direct hype for a government sponsored attack of some sort to be carried out between now and the Olympics in London in some twenty-five odd days.

A excerpt reads;

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former Deputy Director of National Intelligence, said that despite foiled bomb plots targeting airliners, al Qaeda has not lost its fascination with commercial aviation – and that AQAP (al Qaeda’s branch based in Yemen) has been specifically assigned to find a way to blow up a U.S. plane.

“They were the architects of the first underwear bomb, they were the architects of the ingenious printer bomb which was interdicted before it could go off,” Miller said. “And I think what we’re seeing once again is they’ve tried to put a bomb on a person and get them on a plane. Whether it has anything to do with the Olympics or the Fourth of July – one of the chosen target holidays by bin Laden – is something we don’t yet know.

“Another thing that AQAP and Yemen developed was a surgically implanted bomb,” Miller added. “Now, we’ve seen the design for that, but we haven’t seen it used in a commercial airline threat yet.”

On “CBS This Morning” Miller said using a Norwegian convert matches al Qaeda’s efforts to find operatives who don’t fit the profile of terrorists for whom Western intelligence is searching, who are radicalized via the Internet.

The fact they this information was even released by the media is ridiculous considering that the corporate media is fully controlled.

Interestingly enough, this terror threat, complete with its unnecessary mentioning of the London Olympics, could correlate with a recent series of reports by an undercover journalist embedded inside the private security company running security at the Olympics, G4S.

In a report published on, the details of what the apparent undercover journalist saw were thoroughly detailed:

During an episode of BCFM’s Friday Drivetime host Tony Gosling interviewed an apparent undercover journalistwho appeared on the show under the psudonym, “Lee Hazledean” and exposed a wide array of stunning facts in regards to the security run up to the 2012 London Olympics.

The whistleblower, who claimed to be a well known journalist for a London TV Show, revealed that he had infiltrated the notorious private security company G4S which is currently running security in the lead up to the Olympics.

Some of the more stunning accusations made include lax security procedures that have possibly left the Olympics open to a terror attack, a plan for the full scale evacuation of the entire city of London, and the purchase of 200,000 casket linings that are currently on standby.

Note: The identify of the undercover journalist has now been revealed.