US Lags Far Behind with Renewable Energy Technologies as Portugal is Now 70% Sustainable


The United States used to be known as the greatest nation in the world, now on many fronts it appears to be a failure as simple yet important concepts are being ignored by our nations leaders as they fight to strip our civil rights, survey us and impose tyrannical measures of control over the populace

By Shepard Ambellas

As more and more people are brought into the world and we get yet more industrialized as a human race, we should likely plan to use advanced technologies to better the quality of life on our ever-changing planet.

Right now over 77% of our energy in America comes from fossil fuels, about 10% from nuclear, and only around 13% from renewable energy sources.

Although current climate models and global warming trends seem to be backed by corporate sponsored figureheads such as, Al “Mr. Ozone” Gore and Bill Gates, we as humans should be using cleaner safer technologies that have been suppressed by the oilmen and major power companies for years.

When it comes to renewable energy the United States is far behind the pack as only 3 states in the US are producing over 10% renewable energy from either water, wind, geothermal, or solar California, Iowa and North Dakota. According to Wikipedia, “The development of renewable energy and energy efficiency marks “a new era of energy exploration” in the United States, according to President Barack Obama. In a joint address to the Congress on February 24, 2009, President Obama called for doubling renewable energy within the next three years.”

While it’s likely that president Obama is just pushing propaganda to line the pockets of his corporate cronies with American tax dollars, other countries are taking renewable energy serious, bringing it to a whole new level.

Take Portugal for example. According to a recent report, “Portugal is the newest country to make the list of over 60% renewable electricity. According to this report by the network operator REN, it got 70% in quarter one of this year. The largest part (37%) comes from hydro, which had excellent weather conditions, leading to a 312% increase over last year’s figures. But wind also contributed 27%, with a 60% increase, also primarily due to favorable weather conditions.”

Allot of these achievements by Portugal are literally due to how serious the countries leaders are taking the policies. In fact wrote, “Portugal has made dramatic changes in its energy policy over the last five years under the government of Prime Minister José Sócrates. The country’s installed renewable energy capacity more than tripled between 2004 and 2009, from 1,220 megawatts (MW) to 4,307 MW, and renewables now represent roughly 36 percent of electricity consumed. Portugal currently ranks fourth in Europe in energy production from renewables.

Of course, Portugal benefits from favorable conditions for renewables: a strong wind resource, great hydropower, good tidal waves potential, and a high sunshine rate. After the country removed several dams in recent years, Sócrates’ government has focused instead on wind power development, under most conditions the cheapest renewable energy source after hydro-power. With more than 600-percent growth in wind energy production between 2004 and 2009, Portugal now ranks sixth in Europe in total installed capacity and third in capacity per capita, behind only Denmark and SpainSome even expect Portugal to overtake its neighbor Spain in per-capita wind energy production as early as this year.”

So it looks like the way things are going, Portugal has a shot at becoming the worlds first self-sufficient country. And if self-sufficiency is not in the best interests of other countries around the globe, then perhaps they are putting their resources to waste trying to enslave their populations. In my opinion great nations might prevail rom these technologies while others might falter.









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