US Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich says US instigated Ukraine Crisis


Former congressman says that “U.S. taxpayers’ money was used to knock off an elected government in Ukraine”

By Staff Writer

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Tuesday evening while speaking to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich dropped information on the situation that is rarely heard in the mainstream media.

In the interview, Kucinich revealed that the United States government was guilty of funding some of the violent rebel groups who have overrun the country.

When asked how he would handle the crisis if he were president, Kucinich replied by saying that:

“What I’d do is not have USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy working with U.S. taxpayers’ money to knock off an elected government in Ukraine, which is what they did. I wouldn’t try to force the people of Ukraine into a deal with NATO against their interest or into a deal with the European Union, which is against their economic interest.”


So, it’s the USA’s fault that Putin rolled in? We made them do it?” O’Reilly replied.

“Bill O’Reilly, if you don’t believe in cause and effect, I don’t know what I can do for you,” Kucinich said.

Kucinich is known to be staunchly anti-war, he has also been an outspoken critic of trade agreements like NAFTA and organizations like the EU.

Kucinich is the only congressional representative to vote against the “9/11 Commemoration” resolution. In a press statement he defended his vote by saying that the bill did not make reference to “the lies that took us into Iraq, the lies that keep us there, the lies that are being used to set the stage for war against Iran and the lies that have undermined our basic civil liberties here at home.”

Like all politicians, Kucinich certainly isn’t perfect, despite his views against war and drug prohibition, Kucinich is in favor of heavy taxation and regulation, including strict gun control regulations.

Kucinich drafted legislation that included a ban on the purchase, sale, transfer, or possession of handguns by civilians.

Kucinich pushed for gun control, in the U.S. Congress as well as during his time as a city councilman. He kept a pistol in his house for a period in 1978 (under the recommendation of the police) when he was the target of a Mafia plot. He reportedly no longer keeps the pistol, but you can be certain that his body guards have heavy fire power.

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  • Jock Doubleday

    I’m rather shocked Kucinich had the stones to say this, after Obama took him on Air Force One a couple of years ago and death-threated him.

  • Georga96

    This is total BS !!

  • geneiup

    Thank KUCINICH FOR SPEAKING OUT .THE SILENCE in washington is outrageous . I wish i could fire the bunch not working for AMERICA

  • Chuck (Smithfix) Smith

    Now that is a typical AmeriKan answer. Can you substantiate it?

  • Chuck (Smithfix) Smith

    Dito to what geneiup said, “Thank KUCINICH FOR SPEAKING OUT” .

  • Steve

    I live here in the Ukraine and for Kucinich to even believe that yet alone for the American Public to believe this is a very, very sad testimony to the lack of education Americans have about other countries. It loudly demonstrates that the Dumbing Down of American may already be a finished fate.

    America you are suppose to be the leader of the Free World. Now will you please lead. Or is it true that Democracies only last an average of 200 years and Americas time has come and gone. Or as you Americans say the train has left the station and America is still standing on the platform.

  • Painless

    Kucinich is right. The Ukraine is just another “Arab Spring” brought to by the CIA and the State Dept.

    We look for dissenters where we can find them , then stir the pot and walk away saying “they want Democracy.” It’s the same old carrot and stick philosophy.

  • Antonio

    “Like all politicians, Kucinich certainly isn’t perfect, despite his views against war and drug prohibition, Kucinich is in favor of heavy taxation and regulation, including strict gun control regulations.” That sounds pretty good to me actually

  • Jonno

    An American politician that speaks the truth and has solid policies that isn’t Ron Paul. Wow.

  • L

    This man sounds like he’s from Canada

  • moofius

    and of course the fact that the snipers were shooting from Brittish made sniper rifles and the US made weapons supplied to the newly formed government’s army doesn’t really substantiate anything. What about the released tape with foreign minister of Estonia, where the gangs were the sabateurs were trained? still nothing? What about Czech president verifying this fact also? And finally, why is there American destroyer moving into Black Sea?

  • Amanda Lynn Case

    but, but, but…he is for gun control and heavier taxes.

  • Amanda Lynn Case

    You use…InfoWars for a (factual) quote? LOL

  • youarebeloved

    hi Georga96, try Zeitgeist Addendum on YTube part 3&4 about “confessions of an economic hit man” by John Perkins. You will find all the information you need to know…. I live in Europe and I still love you and your country – the roots where it’s based upon, but please become conscious of how power (also here in the EU) always wants to corrupt everything and everyone for its own means (global power). Try as well…

  • Fred

    That would be Cruz.

  • Rollin Shultz

    So what then? Because he isn’t perfect he doesn’t deserve a thank you for getting something right?

  • Александр

    Не секрет, что США и Европа “вкинули” в развал Украины свои финансы!
    Путин нас спасёт!!! Яценюк и его команда – предатели!

  • George Reichel

    Guess you didn’t hear the Nuland phonecall

  • George Reichel

    Ron Paul is right again and so is Kucinich

  • George Reichel

    That’s the only comeback I get from people I know when I give them the facts.”Nuh uh!”{

  • George Reichel

    Can’t be right about everything like Ron Paul

  • bdlckkd

    What do you use? MSNBC?? LOL

  • Chipollino Luk

    ДА нашу страну разрушала США, дав деньги на убийц с майдана, нацистов. Это вы нас стравили, одну часть Украины против другой. Путин помог русским в Крыму и поможет в Восточной Украине!

  • monkeydroid

    LoL! Exactly.

  • monkeydroid

    Typical response from Bill O’Really. He gets paid not to understand cause and effect.

  • ipragmatist

    He also tried to draft legislation to stop chemtrails. That is in large part why he was targeted. His brother was killed because of this.

  • ipragmatist

    Amanda isn’t the one quoting….

  • ipragmatist

    Not sure it’s because he’s paid not to understand…I think he’s incapable of understanding cause and effect. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box.

  • bigfatfatty

    said to say considering i am a american but you are very right on this one…and our government keeps butting in on other countries problems…unless you ask for the help i say we butt out and let their own people handle it….it would be the only way that you can get your own freedom or be in dept with another country that is going down hill and no one but the other countries actually notices it because america is blinded and just keeps on working for the man… it is why we are in dept because our government is slowly becoming hitler (my way or no way) land…forcing our beliefs on to others which is wrong…or going to war for the other people’s oil which is wrong….WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG…we are all created by someone or something and we were meant to get a long not fight over who’s religion is right or wrong…not over something that is natural in OUR earth…not over freedom which everyone should have because every single person who worships a GOD expresses free will…if our GODS give us free will and freedom why do people think it is okay to take it away…i say throw them off of their high horse and watch them fall….america has oil in our own land which i do not think that we use which is stupid if we have it use it….i am against war but not marijuana i am for stricter gun control only because real criminals still get their hands on them…but if the gun is allowed to use for hunting animals only why take that away because of the few dumb asses we have in our country….and yes if you are mentally unstable you should not own a gun either….that is the safest way to handle things…as for the police state i think is rubbish like i said in the beginning turning into another hitler…which i am sure no one in this world wants….yes hitler had some good views but he handle them wrong and blamed all jews for something which is wrong…every single piece of land that is on Earth is every ones land on Earth we are all brothers and sisters no matter the skin no matter if it is by blood or not….no one needs a needy leader!!! for our government giving the terrorists weapons only proves to show that they love the war and want to keep fighting…well if this government loves to fight so much i say lets take all of our leaders drop them off over there and let them fight on their own….we should be standing up to our government instead of letting them get away with murder and treason…..but we won’t we all just go on with our lives like nothing is going on and keep our eyes closed like a good little sheep we are.