USA Today declares Millie Weaver’s ShadowGate film “devoid of evidence”

YouTube-banned video 'ShadowGate' has been making its rounds on the Innerweb and has caused quite the proverbial shitstorm in the alternative media


It’s official–a USA Today “fact check” report has declared former Infowars correspondent Millie Weaver’s new film ShadowGate “a conspiracy theory-laden video” which the ragtag outlet maintains is “filled with false claims and insinuations.”

The publication calls out Weaver’s recently released 90-minute production that received several million views before it was pulled from YouTube by framing it as a baseless “conspiracy theory.”

The piece continues: “The video is filled with false claims and insinuations, centering on the notion that a cabal of federal contractors is using advanced data collection techniques to engineer global events and orchestrate a coup against President Donald Trump.”

Weaver, 29, and her boyfriend, 45, were recently arrested after being indicted by an Ohio grand jury on charges of domestic violence, robbery, tampering with evidence, and obstructing justice, according to Fox News.


Alternative media mogul and Infowars founder Alex Jones terminated his working relationship with Weaver on Wednesday after the Internet was abuzz with harsh criticism. The brash move was later confirmed by Weaver in an August 19 Tweet which states: “Alex Jones terminated our working relationship this morning.”

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Jones, who is also a radio talk show host, said on air during a segment of The Alex Jones Show on Wednesday that he woke up into a nightmare to find out that Weaver’s film made Infowars and Alex Jones’s longtime friend Roger Stone out to be the “bad guys.”

“I’ve been totally chumped and I’ll admit it–I want to really think about this,” Jones told guest Roger Stone. “I think whoever ran this did do all of this and did get her arrested right when this operation was happening to give this full push against you buddy.”

Jones went on to explain that one of the former government data collection contractors who appeared in Weaver’s film showed up to the Infowars studio one day where he proceeded to lay out in his own words that Roger Stone was the kingpin of the operation.

“The last thing she [Weaver] said was ‘this guy’s in town he’s in my film he wants to be on’ and so the guy’s at the door he comes in and… so I’ve got him here in studio and I go ‘okay who runs it’ and I learned Roger Stone is the kingpin.”

— Alex Jones, The Alex Jones Show

Jones went on to say during the broadcast that he is not trying to separate himself from Stone at this time.

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Millie Weaver, who goes by the moniker on Twitter “Millennial Millie” responded to her former boss in a Tweet on Wednesday which stated: “I publicly challenge Alex Jones to a $10,000 wager (not from my legal fund but from my Infowars earnings) Show me where in the Shadow Gate documentary we disparage Roger Stone in the manner you describe below. You also claim we attacked you & Trump. Put up or shut up!”

I guess we will have to see how this all plays out.

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