‘USA you’ll pay!’ Radical U.K. Muslims threaten America over Syria intervention

Out of control Muslims call for punishment of U.S.

LONDON (INTELLHUB) — Huge crowds of Muslims chanting “allahu akbar” have descended on London for the second time in a week in a series of protests to demand a global Islamic caliphate especially in Syria.

Last Wednesday, more than 1,000 protestors took to the streets outside the Syrian embassy in London’s Belgrave Square calling for the punishment of the United States over its military involvement in Syria.

Then just days later another 400 British Muslims traveled to the capital from cities including Birmingham and Bradford to take part in a second march in the same square where women and children were segregated and forced to stand at the back while men were pushed to the front.

One protester appeared to be waving a Taliban flag while others were seen holding placards calling for action from the Muslim brotherhood in response to the current situation in Syria.

A large number of protestors gathered behind a huge orange banner which told “Muslim armies” to unite together in order to set up a new “khalifah rashidah” — the first four Caliphs to succeed the prophet Mohammed in greater Syria.

Others thrust decorated banners in the air and black flags adorned with Arabic writing, as they chanted ‘allahu akbar’ or ‘God is the greatest.’

Clearly these radical Islamists want nothing more than to see the crushing of the United States and the extollation of the Islamic ideology through violent jihad. As we’re only just days away from Christmas and the New Year, we must be on the look out for potential Islamic attacks.

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