(INTELLIHUB) — A fire that broke out aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard on Monday has damaged the ship beyond repair and may have been sabotaged, according to a former shipworker who knows the $750 million boat well.

A man who goes by the handle “Preacher Joe” called-in to The Shepard Ambellas Show on Monday where he gave exclusive details about the ship based on his previous experience working in the ship’s ammunition magazines as a structural welder over the past four decades.

“Each magazine has a single stairwell that goes down to them–all they got to do is close the watertight, airtight, hatches that go to the ventilation ducts… they close off all doorways to the magazines and in a Class A fire which would just be paper, cloth, whatever–it smothers it out–nothing more need,” he explained. “But in the case of munitions which they clearly said there was no munitions involved–nothing like white phosphorus or whatever–they still have PKP and Halon systems in the last resort they can flood the magazine–they have the capability to do it–someone at the ships CIC either was dead asleep or they was out and out sabotage I don’t care what anyone says.”

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Official U.S. Navy Page/Flickr

The former shipworker confirmed the ship is powered by gas turbines and poses no nuclear or radioactive threat to the environment.


“If any of the gas tanks would have ruptured there would have been a hell of an explosion,” he explained. “But they are gas turbine-driven and they are not nuclear.

Additionally, Joe made clear that there is “no way” the fire should have gotten away from them.

“The sensors should have been going off and they should have reacted immediately,” he said. “They should have immediately from the CIC turned off all those ventilation fans.”

“What was the heat source and why did somebody not take away the oxygen?” he questioned. “Why did somebody not turn on the Halon systems.”

“It’s not a hard thing to contain a fire in a magazine,” he said. “There is no excuse for that–that is the grossest negligence I can imagine.”

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