Utah DPS helicopter pilot spills beans on monolith discovery, second object located

Flight crew located a second object the same day that "looked literally like something you saw in the movie Star Wars when they blow up a ship or something like that."

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Helicopter Pilot Safety Officer for the Utah Department of Public Safety and Utah Highway Patrol Aero Bureau Bret Hutchings appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Monday where he revealed exactly what he and his flight crew encountered while flying a routine sheep counting mission in a remote part of Utah when they discovered a metallic monolith.

Hutchings told Ambellas during the broadcast that the 10 to 12-foot tall triangular-shaped monolith was made of stainless steel and was well constructed.

The pilot said that when he and his crew disembarked the aircraft and went down to the object for a closer look that it became apparent that the monolith was not haphazardly constructed and was well-placed into the ground.

“It was very well constructed, it was riveted together with stainless steel sides, it was triangular, obviously, in shape… and we noted you could see where they’ve used some sort of a cement saw to cut it down into the sandstone and anchor it in place,” he explained. “We were pretty much were certain it wasn’t, you know, something that was dropped from outer space or some alien or that, you know, we thought the way they positioned it we thought this has got to be some obscure artist that decided to go out this was the only thing that made any sense.”

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The helicopter safety officer said the object appeared to be manmade and had no identifying markings on it.

“We couldn’t find anything on it,” he said. Wade, the one biologist, he got up on my shoulders and was looking on top to see if there was anything up there — it was — you know — they planted it in there pretty solidly but we were still kinda puzzled about the whole thing.”

Hutchings told Ambellas that he and the crew took pictures of the object and documented it before leaving the scene and returning to their duties.

When asked about “missing time,” Hutchings replied with laughter: “No… after this crazy year we’ve had, I wanted it to be a portal to another dimension it would have been nice.”

The pilot went on to talk about another object that they located the same day in a “restricted area” just north of Moab that was crashed into the side of a sand dune.

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“… it looked literally like something you saw in the movie Star Wars when they blow up a ship or something like that,” he explained.

Source: The Shepard Ambellas Show #72: DPS helicopter talks about the moment his crew discovered the monolith

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