Vaccine fraud, black abortions and prison slave labor: Why #BlackLivesDontMatter to the U.S. government and the CDC

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By Mike Adams | Natural News

Yesterday we learned that the CDC deliberately destroyed evidence linking vaccines to autism in black children. This outrageous example of scientific fraud also has the curious effect of disproportionately harming black babies more than white babies. To the CDC, it seems that #BlackLivesDontMatter…

Yet the systematic destruction of black lives through vaccine mandates (thanks, Gov. Jerry Brown! You’re the new medical KKK of Kalifornia!) is only the tip of the iceberg on this story. Between the U.S. government’s funding of Planned Parenthood and its butchery of literally thousands of unborn babies every day — most of which are from African-American mothers — and the government’s deliberate cover-up of the links between vaccines and autism in African-American infants, it’s becoming quite clear that the United States government is engaged in the destruction of black lives under the banners of “public health” and “women’s health”.

It’s not the first time blacks have been used by the U.S. government in heinous medical crimes against humanity. As black leaders have already mentioned in heated protests against the SB 277 vaccine mandate in California, the United States government openly condoned the Tuskegee medical experiments during which government-funded scientists ran medical experiments on African-Americans for 40 years — from 1932 to 1972. The NIH even funded medical experiments on minority prisoners in Guatemala, something for which President Obama was forced to apologize after the truth emerged. (The truth about medical experiments is something the government and the media both prefer to keep hidden…)

So don’t be surprised to learn how vaccines and abortions systematically target African-Americans. It’s a pattern of medical genocide that’s been ingrained in the United States government for at least a century.

The CDC has been covering up its scientific fraud for at least 11 years

This is all deliberate and pre-planned. As Jon Rappoport writes on No More Fake News:

Eleven years have passed since the CDC committed its crime of concealing the MMR vaccine-autism connection. How many parents, never informed of the truth, have permitted their children to receive this vaccine? How many children have been struck down by the vaccine?

…And what about the fact that the MMR vaccine is one of the shots that has been mandated, by law, in California, in other states, and in Australia? Mandating neurological destruction of children is a crime that must be investigated and punished. If these states (and other countries) insist on keeping the MMR on their schedules, they are guilty parties.

In other words, by mandating vaccines in California while offering no warnings for black families, Gov. Jerry Brown — a Democrat — just committed an act of medical genocide against blacks.

Beyond the human and ethical costs of such an act of medical violence against blacks, Gov. Brown also just ushered in a new wave of future medical costs for California taxpayers due to the extreme long-term expenses associated with autism, brain damage and kidney failure — health conditions routinely associated with toxic vaccines (and, more accurately, the toxic adjuvant ingredients and preservatives added to them). See Hundreds of children brain damaged by the swine flu vaccine to receive $90 million in financial compensation from UK government.

Why #BlackLivesDONTmatter to the political elite

#BlackLives don’t matter anymore to the corrupt politicians in charge because they no longer believe they need black votes to stay in power. After all, the liberals now have Latinos swarming across the border, illegally voting in elections where no IDs are allowed to be checked (thanks to the wholly corrupt, anti-American Supreme Court).

In the eyes of these death-dealing Democrat politicians, they don’t need blacks anymore! So African-Americans get slaughtered at the clinics, brain-damaged by vaccines and economically enslaved in a corrupt criminal justice system that turns black slave labor into corporate profits (yes, the prison system generates massive profits for wealthy corporations off the backs of the new slave class of incarcerated African-Americans).

And yet, as all this is taking place, members of the mentally ill Democratic leadership claim they love minorities, asserting that they have a monopoly on compassion and the protection of lives. But guess who’s really engaged in the worst crimes against blacks?

• It was Democrats that pushed and passed the SB 277 vaccine mandate that now condemns young African-American babies to brain damage and autism from unsafe vaccines.

• It is Democrats who are outrageously defending the organ harvesting from unborn babies via Planned Parenthood, even while knowing that Planned Parenthood clinics are disproportionately located in black neighborhoods.

• It was Democrats who started the KKK and ran the KKK. It was Democrats who desperately tried to block the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and it was Republicans who came to the rescue to pass it into law! Democrats even ran domestic terrorism organizations across America that targeted blacks. Democrats were among the most prominent owners of Southern slave plantations, too, and today, wealthy Democrats are deeply involved in the corporate-run prison system that exploits modern slave labor for profit.

I realize this is the exact the opposite of what you are told by the lying mainstream media. They hope you never read the real history of the systematic suppression, oppression and genocide committed against blacks by Democrats and Big Government. But anyone who studies actual history cannot turn a blind eye to these fundamental truths.

I will not be silenced on this government-funded genocide against blacks in America. The CDC’s lies on vaccines are just the tip of the iceberg. The ways in which blacks are being murdered, slaughtered, enslaved, ensnared and entrapped by the idiotic “War on Drugs” is just mind-boggling. And it’s all kept in place by powerful politicians in Washington — on both sides of the aisle — who benefit from keeping certain members of society oppressed and deliberately uninformed.

Government is not your friend… it’s your exterminator!

I’m white, and I’m angry about this genocide against blacks, and I’m not gonna sit back and remain silent on all this while my fellow brothers and sisters are exterminated through vaccines, abortions, government-run drugs and the slave-based prison labor system. These racially-biased injustices are intolerable, and yet they all come from the same government that far too many African-Americans accidentally elected into office, believing that government would help them!

If you’re black, here’s what I think you need to remember in all this: Big Government is not your friend. Stop electing these corrupt, big government sellouts into office. They don’t love you, they don’t care for you, and they won’t help you. They discard you and your babies the minute the election polls are closed. They commit murder and call it “tissue harvesting for science” when it turns out they’re really harvesting WHOLE babies that were born ALIVE! It’s absolute murder! And it’s being done to black babies every hour of the day across America.

The extermination of blacks is happening right now… 3,561 abortions a day, every day, across America

If you don’t rise up and oppose these issues of vaccines, abortions and prison “slave” labor, you will be exterminated by the system… the very same system that a huge number of awakened WHITE people are also trying to expose, too.

Remember: This isn’t a war on you by white people; it’s a war on you by big government gone bad. If you hope to stop the genocide and medical atrocities, you must help stop the dangerous growth of government power, government cover-ups and government censorship of the real truth.

As one white man who seeks to protect ALL lives — black lives, white lives, Latino lives and even the lives of conscious animals like Cecil the Lion — I can assure you that there are a great many white people across the realm of independent media who will aggressively defend your freedoms, your families and your future. I’m a Texan, and the mainstream media’s outrageous lies attempt to depict all Texans as racist rednecks. IT’S A LIE! Real Texans believe in liberty, justice and the defense of live for ALL PEOPLE. In Texas, #BlackLivesMatter. We will fight for your freedoms and liberties, regardless of your race or ethnic origin.

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