Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world

Vatican City has the highest per capita crime rate in the world

By Staff Writer

VATICAN CITY (INTELLIHUB) — Many people were shocked last week, when it was discovered that about a dozen condoms filled with liquid cocaine was sent to the Vatican.  The cocaine shipment weighed in at about 12 ounces and was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

While this is an interesting case, what many people don’t know is that the Vatican actually has the highest crime rate in the world.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that more crimes are committed at the Vatican than anywhere else, but it does mean that there is an incredible amount of crime considering the population of the area.

Crime in the Vatican City consists largely of purse snatching, pickpocketing and shoplifting, by outsiders. The tourist foot-traffic in St. Peter’s Square is one of the main locations for pickpockets in Vatican City, according to Wikipedia.

The Vatican’s small size results in a few statistical oddities. There are 18 million visitors to the state each year, and the most common crime is petty theft, purse snatching, pickpocketing and shoplifting by outsiders.

Based on a population of 455 in 1992, the 397 civil offenses in that year represent a crime rate of 0.87 crimes per capita, with 608 penal offenses or 1.33 per capita.