Vault 7: Wikileaks reveals CIA tool that makes their hack attacks appear to come from Russia

Tool may have been used to start Trump-Russian narrative


(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another stunning series of revelations, Wikileaks has published hundreds more CIA files that show that the secretive intelligence agency has tools that specifically allow them to disguise their own hacking attacks in order to make them appear to come from multiple different foreign nations.

The release, which includes 676 source code files for the CIA’s secret anti-forensic Marble Framwork, confirms previous reports that the agency is able to carry out hack attacks and then pin the blame on other countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

“Marble is used to hamper forensic investigators and anti-virus companies from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to the CIA,” Wikileaks wrote in a release accompanying the files.

“Marble does this by hiding (“obfuscating”) text fragments used in CIA malware from visual inspection. This is the digital equivallent of a specalized CIA tool to place covers over the english language text on U.S. produced weapons systems before giving them to insurgents secretly backed by the CIA.”

Amazingly, the release from Wikileaks also claims that the source code files could allow investigators to attribute previous hacks to the CIA that had been reported to come from other actors. (Russian Federation?!)

“The Marble source code also includes a deobfuscator to reverse CIA text obfuscation. Combined with the revealed obfuscation techniques, a pattern or signature emerges which can assist forensic investigators attribute previous hacking attacks and viruses to the CIA. Marble was in use at the CIA during 2016.”

The news is especially relevant when you consider the fact that elements within the intelligence community, with help from the mainstream media, continue to claim that there is evidence of a connection between Trump and the Russians. Remember, this allegation was first put forward after deep state operatives claimed that Wikileaks received the DNC hacked emails from Russia.

This recent release of key CIA files follows a previous Vault 7 release that also revealed intelligence community tools that allow them to “misdirect attribution” of a hack.

“Among the startling revelations coming out through the Wikileaks “Vault 7” release is the shocking fact that the CIA has the ability to “misdirect attribution” of a hack, effectively making it look as if a country such as Russian was the culprit when in reality it was forces within the Central Intelligence Agency itself,” Intellihub News reported.

“According to the Wikileaks documents, a group within the CIA’s Remote Devices Branch, code-named UMBRAGE, collects and maintains a massive library of attack techniques stolen from other countries, including the Russian Federation.”

At this point it is clear that the same agency that has had a hand in directly targeting the Trump Administration also has the ability to conduct “cyber false flags” in which one party is blamed for a hack that the deep state itself actually carried out.

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