Vegas survivor Rachel Sheppard, who was ‘shot in chest 3 times’, sues MGM Resorts, judge orders preservation of evidence

Does the victim share the same name with a professional actress?

(INTELLIHUB) California resident Rachel Sheppard, who filed suit against MGM Resorts following the Oct. 1 shooter event, has made progress in court, reports say.

Attorneys who represent Sheppard have managed to get a court order which directs MGM Resorts to ‘preserve evidence’ (i.e. video footage, transaction history, etc.) which may have been acquired before, during, or after the tragedy.

“The order, granted by Judge Mark Denton, restrains Mandalay Bay from destroying anything of evidentiary value until another hearing set for Oct. 30 at 9 a.m. That’s when MGM will have a chance to argue against the ruling, before a possible ruling to would make the order permanent.,” News 3 Las Vegas reports.

However, a quick Google search of the name “Rachel Sheppard” turns up an IMDb for the actress which reads: “Rachel Sheppard is an actress, known for Vampire Blues (1999), Blind Target (2000) and Helter Skelter (2000).”

Could the actress be the same person suing MGM Resorts?

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Featured Image: LAS VEGAS — A view from inside the venue which hosted the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival where 57 people lost their lives on Oct. 1. (Joe Ward/Street View)
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