Alex Jones: ‘Venezuelan drone attack appears to be a giant wag the dog exercise’

"They said drone flew over and fired missiles at him and then they show a building with smoke coming out of it."


Radio talk show host and Infowars founder Alex Jones informed listeners of The Alex Jones Show on Sunday that the so-called ‘Venezuelan drone strike’ was just a “false flag” being used in some type of “wag the dog exercise” and explained that the globalists have been looting Venezuela for decades.

“The globalists have been sucking Venezuela dry for several decades,” Jones explained. “Hugo Chavez signed IMF and World Bank debts that are into the tens of trillions of dollars — their resources have been transferred to multinational corporations but low IQ individuals like Sean Penn praise it as a thing for the people.”

“I saw the footage this morning and I made the point then that this looks like a false flag or staged event,” he said. “You don’t see the drones — they may have been there fine — you don’t really hear and explosion you hear a pop and you don’t see the missiles fired from the drone — it appears to be a giant wag the dog exercise.”

“Did some natural gas blow up? He questioned. “Did somebody burn some eggs they were cooking?”

“So that’s all there is,” Jones explained. “They said drone flew over and fired missiles at him and then they show a building with smoke coming out of it.”

Jones theorizes that the attack may have been staged to possibly usher in martial law into the region as a last-ditch effort for those in power to remain in power.

A posted on Twitter later Sunday evening shows what appears to be a small consumer-style drone exploding in mid-air.

To no surprise, the mainstream press carefully commentated on the event by reporting that it “attack didn’t appear to be staged.”

From the AP:

A Venezuela expert says it’s likely President Nicolas Maduro will use a suspected assassination attempt to purge disloyal officials and further clamp down on liberties.

Authorities in Venezuelan said Saturday that drones loaded with explosives targeted Maduro speaking at a military celebration, but exploded before reaching the president.

David Smilde of the Washington Office on Latin America says the amateurish attack didn’t appear to be staged by Maduro’s government for political gain.

However, Smilde says it prompted embarrassing TV images of Maduro cut off mid-sentence with droves of soldiers running away in fear, making the president appear vulnerable.

Despite the optics, Smilde says Maduro will use it to concentrate power, further restricting liberty while purging the government and armed forces.

You can bet Jones is right about the event being staged when the entire fake news media has heavily purported that the attack was real in what can only be considered a concerted propaganda push.

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