Veterans Affairs Health Clinics opening up in secret (covertly) to support of an upcoming National Socialized Healthcare System


  Intellihub – USAPatriot1966                    
    Do a search a simple search on Google and you will see the opening of several dozen clinics across the United States of America from Key West Florida to Vermont and from the commonwealth of Virginia to Washington State. No doubt that our veterans need a place to secure their healthcare and related services due to injuries sustained in combat or while in the service of our great country and given the affordability within a convenient drive close to their home. However it appears in a short time these clinics will most likely be realigned and fall under the jurisdiction of the Health and Human Services Division of the United States Government.
 Let’s be realistic, as we need to admit socialized Healthcare Reformation will be passed this year no matter how much opposition it is facing from the citizens. Watch as this forthcoming gigantic government bureaucracy will phased- in incrementally. These clinics will be tomorrows new Wal-Mart Supercenters of government provided services throughout communities across the nation.
The author is a former soldier whom actively served 20 years in the US Army and served in law enforcement community. USAPatriot has written several blogs concerning the state of affairs in the incoming police state, nanny government and centralization of our government. He resides in Arkansas with his wife and two children.

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