Vice President Joe Biden supports “fair share” for workers during Detroit Labor Day speech


DETROIT — U.S. workers deserve a “fair share” of any improvement in corporate profits, Vice President Joe Biden told hundreds of Detroit-area union members on Monday during his first of several Labor Day stops in the city.

A job is “about your dignity. It’s about your place in the community. … You can’t do that unless you get a fair wage,” Biden told the crowd gathered on the grounds of the former Tiger Stadium ahead of organized labor’s annual parade Monday. He stuck with populist themes, criticizing corporate pay and companies that leave the U. S. for lower taxes.

Workers don’t want a handout, Biden said. “Just give them a chance.”

Biden was preceded on the stage by labor leaders and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and Gary Peters, the party’s nominee for U.S. Senate.

Schauer’s biggest applause came when he said he would repeal Michigan’s right to work law, which makes union membership voluntary. He called it “right to work for less,” meaning it could affect wages.

Marge Robinson, president of SEIU Healthcare Michigan, a union of health workers, said it’s time to “strike back” and put Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in the “unemployment line.”

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