Video: Armed National Guard troops patrol neighborhood

As the lead up to Jade Helm 2015 continues, martial law fears have hit new heights

(INTELLIHUB) — A video recently released by a concerned citizen in Ontario, California shows armed National Guard soldiers patrolling a residential neighborhood.

The footage, taken on Saturday, April 11th, highlights troops chanting as they march in formation, taking turns blocking traffic and making their presence known to startled residents of the single family homes and school they passed.

Reaction to the video has varied signficantly, with some believing this is simply more evidence of a buildup to martial law and the overall militarization of America while others claim this is routine National Guard training separate from any nefarious intentions.

“I’m a veteran, this kind if drill is not normal, this should have done on base,” wrote one reply to the video.

Another comment on the video, this time from well-known YouTuber SmokinJoeTrainer, had a different stance.


“Not Jade helm. This is national guard troops training to road march. The guys running up and blocking traffic are “road guards.” Their job is to prevent the group from being run over. This is and has been regular practice for a LONGGGGG time.”

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Regardless whether or not this is normal training, it comes at a time of increased fears of a crackdown on the American people. With a plethora of military drills already underway leading up to Jade Helm 2015, the fears will only continue. The America we once knew may truly be a thing of the past, replaced by an ever involving multifaceted police state that, left unchecked, will continue to stretch its tentacles across the country.

A final comment on the video hits home, with the mindset of many Americans is on full display.

“I think its pretty safe to say that the America we grew up in is dead and gone. I think that this is nothing more than getting people used to this, used to seeing troops in your streets and used to seeing them at your front door.

I am not going to speculate anymore than that other than the things we are seeing now, I think we will see more of it. I think if you combine this with militarizing police to the point where they resemble the military, well, what is it leading up to?”

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Video courtesy of Felipe Soto/YouTube

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