*Video* Citizen on location at Bundy Ranch gives impassioned speech

‘If I pulled the trigger I’m not ever going home again’, said Reid Hill, running security at the ranch

By Shepard Ambellas

BUNKERVILLE (INTELLIHUB) Reid Henderson of Tactical Response has been running security around the ranch lately, recently he shared his thoughts on YouTube in a video.

In the video he describes some of the rumors surrounding the ranch.

According to Henderson, He hasn’t “seen anything out here even close to what’s been reported. There’s no drones there’s no federal people who I’ve seen at all, and I’ve been from one end of the ranch to the other.”

Henderson went on to talk about his recent hilltop security detail which includes his sidekicks, “James, Jack and Jeremy”.

“I was up on the hill […] I was alone in my thoughts. This is what went through my mind. For the first time in my life I’m afraid of what my own government could do to its citizens. […] like […] a raid on this rancher’s house.”

Hill went on to rant about the BLM’s recent botched operation.

(Image: YouTube)