*Video* Diver captures his underwater battle with Great White Shark on GoPro

During an amazing underwater encounter with a Great White Shark, a spear-fisherman manages to fend of the creature and capture the event on film

By Staff Writer

FLORIDA (INTELLIHUB) — A highly aggressive Great White Shark put up a gnarly fight with Jimmy Roseman wielding a spear, and it was all captured with his GoPro, says reports.

“I Felt the thump” when the shark hit “my tank”, said the fisherman on a recent CNN broadcast with Anderson Cooper, describing when he first noticed the shark stalking him.

“I can promise you, that was the fastest I had gotten to the surface at that depth”, the fisherman told Cooper, continuing on to talk about how he hit the shark with his spear’s tip several times.

Roseman was reportedly at a 90 foot depth when the encounter happened.

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