Video: ISIS, Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and Israel Exposed


(INTELLIHUB) — Former NSA agent, whistleblower, and investigative reporter Wayne Madsen has detailed the connections between Saudi Arabia, Israel, CIA and ISIS in a wide-ranging interview on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone.

The geopolitical issues in the Middle East are much more complicated than the mainstream media portrays it to be, with intelligence agencies working with so-called terrorists and sworn enemies in the public working together in secret.

Connections between Israel and Saudi Arabia seems to be an issue that needs much more attention from both the mainstream and alternative media alike.

ISIS, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the connections between the CIA and Israel with the so-called enemies of America are exposed in an uncensored interview with Wayne Madsen.

The former NSA worker, turned whistleblower and muckraker discusses the kabal of conspiracy that includes the Saudis, key figures in the US government, and stretches from the Bilderbergs to Rhodes Scholars in a web of influence that has spun country after country into turmoil. Are ISIS fighters just misguided and gullible proxy mercenaries for the Saudis?

Was 9/11 another black op in a long line that has been the norm since WWII with the British government? Learn of the far reaching conspiracy in this Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Video courtesy of TheLipTV/YouTube