Video: More proof of simulated terror exercise on day of Paris attacks exposed

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“A simulation of essentially what happened that night in Paris”

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(INTELLIHUB) — Much has been made over the fact that officials in Paris were conducting a simulated mass shooting training exercise on the exact same day as the horrific terror attacks that rocked the city.

Many independent minded researchers have theorized that because there was a major training exercise going on, just like on 7/7 and 9/11, the attacks themselves may have been part of a larger false flag operation.

The fact that there was even a training exercise going on was originally revealed when a first responder who just so happened to be a major character in the previous Charlie Hebdo attacks revealed the exercise during a now infamous news broadcast. This was followed shortly after by a confirmation from Bloomberg News.

“A new report from Bloomberg, along with a previously reported audio statement by a first responder, (and interesting side character in both the new Paris attacks and last years Charlie Hebdo attack) has confirmed that there was a multi-site training exercise going on just hours before the attacks that “coincidentally” simulated a mass shooting scenario,” I reported last week.

“According to the report, during the exercise trauma specialists used a centralized dispatch system to set key priorities and to send simulated victims to the hospital best equipped to treat them. Hospitals and ambulance services were also prepared to be quickly called into action.”

Now, even more footage of officials in France confirming the extent of the training exercise has been released and it paints a clear picture of a city at least partially ready for a terror attack. Take note of the looks on the faces of officials as they are questioned about the training.

In the first clip the chief of emergency services in Paris is heard telling a local news station about the training simulation.

“The evening of the attacks really begin that morning… we were repeating the exact scenario that happened later that night.”

The next clip in the above video details yet another exchange between the Paris mainstream media and the chief of emergency services. After being questioned about the training exercise the official is quoted as saying:

“This is something that, when we mention it now, seems unreal.”

Another news anchor then asks if that means that there had been a warning received before the actual attack while the first anchor literally glares at the government official in an obvious look of disgust.

All in all it seems clear at this point that authorities in Paris were preparing for the attack which has many believing that this was yet another Gladio style false flag.

What do you think?

Is the Paris chief of emergency services telling the truth or did he just reveal a key fact in a false flag operation?

Note: The following video clip contains the first confirmation of some sort of training exercise and is shockingly similar to past training drills that somehow occurred on the exact day of a terror attack.

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