Video: Police Departments are now the largest single group of buyers at International Defense Expos

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Police Departments continue to arm themselves for war with the American people

(INTELLIHUB) — As the militarization of America’s police force continues to rapidly increase, the American people have begun to realize the dangers of turning local police departments into military style units hellbent on terrorizing the people.

After the response to the unrest in Ferguson, President Obama claimed he was clamping down on this militarization by outlawing police from obtaining certain types of military grade gear. Unfortunately, these reforms were nothing more than an attempt to quell public anger while not really putting a stop to the ever-increasing American police state.

Now, new information coming out of one of the world’s largest military defense conventions has revealed that police departments are now the largest single group of attendees to expos such as LAAD.

Activist Post reporter Amanda Warren noted:

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the biggest driver of the world economy is war and weaponry. But then why would law enforcement be active buyers at elite International Defense Expos like LAAD (Brazil)? This is where country and military heads go to get big time weapons – guns, bulk ammo, drones, armor, APCs, jets and even rockets. It’s Willy Wonka’s war store, except the Candyman’s gone.

Not only are police organizations buying goods at the Int’l Defense expos – they now make up the single largest group of buyer attendees at the shows.

It looks like there is some major less-than-lethal stockpiling among police groups going on at these trade shows….

It is also important to highlight the fact that urban military training drills are also connected to the rise of this so-called American police state.

Most of the time these training drills involve local police training with military special forces which furthers the idea that these local cops are an extension of the military rather than officers assigned to protect and serve the civilian population.

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