Video: Police officer knocks mother unconscious in front of her screaming daughter

Cell phone footage shows a Texas police officer slamming a mother into the concrete as her daughter screams in horror

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — Footage taken by a bystander in Texas shows a police officer slamming an already detained women headfirst into the pavement. The slam rendered the women unconscious for several minutes and caused her daughter to run up to her body screaming, “Mommy, Mommy.”

Officer Ben Johnson responded to the call of a possible drunk women in a shopping center and found the mother,Viviana Keith. A scuffle ensued in which Keith was belligerent and intoxicated in some way.

KVUE in Round Rock Texas reported, “The video shows Johnson and Keith talking, then he tries to force her to bend over onto the hood of his car during the arrest. When she resists, Johnson performs a take-down move, essentially throwing Keith onto the ground. She hit her head and was knocked unconscious.

The video goes on to show Keith’s 6-year-old daughter walk over to check on her mom as the officer rolls Keith onto her back and checks her pulse.”

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In the report by KVUE, apparent witnesses claim that the women was drunk and insinuated she deserved the takedown. What is not explained is why this strong police officer who already had the women detained needed to use a mixed martial arts style takedown on her.


It also doesn’t question why the officer didn’t take into account the women’s daughter when he decided to hurt her mother.

“It looked like she was dead,” the little girl was screaming, ‘Mommy, mommy,” said witness Viviana Garcia.

For their part the police department is standing by the officer and claiming the attack was business as usual. Sadly, that may be true. In fact, data complied by Fatal Encounters shows that police in America actually kill many more Americans than terrorists.

Data gathered by the impartial nonprofit documents the deaths of over 5,000 Americans killed at the hands of police in the last fifteen years. The deaths dwarf those killed by terrorists despite the American government using the fear of terrorism to strip Americans of the their rights on a daily basis.

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