Video evidence Donald Trump and your government has lied to you about coronavirus; all we could find are empty hospitals

You've been duped! Are class action lawsuits worth trillions of dollars on the way? All American citizens must stand up for their rights.

  • Hospitals do not appear to be “overwhelmed” as media and White House claim
  • No independent video exists of an overwhelmed U.S. hospital (if you have it send it in so we can update the post but we can’t find one nor can anyone else)
  • Use hashtag #FilmYourHospital

Editor’s note: To be clear, in no way are we saying COVID-19 isn’t real. We are merely squashing the MSM narrative that hospitals are “overwhelmed.”

(INTELLIHUB) — It appears that President Donald Trump and the Presidential Coronavirus Task Force have lied to you and you bought it all hook, line, and sinker.

The United States government and governments around the world have locked down their populations and have taken away people’s basic freedoms, civil, and constitutional rights in the name of “the invisible enemy” as President Donald Trump refers to the COVID-19 pathogen.

The following videos serve as admissable empirical evidence and may be used to file a major class-action lawsuit against the United States government all mainstream news agencies and all other governments around the world who are complicit in the fraud which has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.

To boot, 16.8 million Americans are now without work.

Why would over 70 hospitals furlough employees if we are truly in a pandemic?


This could be a multitrillion-dollar lawsuit. We all need to go file NOW! Take this to your attornies today!

Here we go…

NYU Langone Health, April 5

Forth Worth, Texas

JPS in Fort Worth


Novant Health

Sentara Princess Anne in Virginia Beach

San Diego

In America…

Advocate Sherman Hospital, Elgin, IL

Halifax Health Medical Center, Daytona Beach, Florida

Lawnwood Hospital, Fort Peirce, Florida, Bay Area Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, New York

Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, Illinois, April 2

Methodist Community Point Hospital, Peoria, Illinois, April 2

Mount Saini Hospital, New York City, April 7


And another…

New York City, April 6

Brooklyn, New York City, April 6

Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, April 7

Additional footage…


Central Park

Tri-Cities in Vista, California

Modesto, CA

Boston Medical Center, April 4

North Broward Hospital, Pompano Beach, Florida, April 3

Blake Medical Center, Bradenton, Florida, April 7

Jackson South Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL

The University of Dayton Arena, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton Ohio, April 6

Trillium Health, April 5

Rio Grande Regional Hospital, McAllen, Texas, April 6

Gulfport, MS

Additional footage, another hospital…

Meanwhile in Canada…

Hamilton, Ontario




April 7…

Doncaster Royal Infirmary, April 4


In Spain…

Ourense, Spain

Additional footage…

More proof…

Man jailed for 3 months for filming empty hospital?


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