Video: Uber driver tells police he may have dropped off the Las Vegas shooter and a woman

Two individuals who claimed to be in the military told an Uber driver just days before the 1 October massacre that 'Vegas isn't ready for a terror attack.'

A Las Vegas-based Uber driver told police one day after the 2017 massacre that he may have dropped off several accomplices at the MGM just days before the attack in which 58 innocent people were gunned down by a reported madman from his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay Vista Suite.

The Uber driver maintains that he dropped off a man named “Paddock” and a woman who said they were “in the military” and also made mention of a “terrorist attack.”

The driver said the couple pointed out that ‘Vegas wasn’t ready’ for such an attack.

“It was a man and a woman in their late twenties or early thirties… the guy had facial hair… dark hair… a male and a female,” he said. “The [ride] request time was 6:53 p.m. and the ride lasted ten minutes.”

All of this was originally reported by Intellihub Editor-in-Cheif Shepard Ambellas back in May in a report titled Uber driver confirms she picked up Steven Paddock and a woman and dropped them off at Mandalay Bay, and said Paddock commented about a ‘terrorist attack’ when another Uber driver reported a similar situation but in the morning.

An excerpt from Ambellas’s report reads:

“I got a request to pick up Paddock at Terminal #1 pick-up area for Uber, not sure what day or time. I picked up a man and a woman with a big blue suitcase, old looking, and heavy, and he commented on the Mandalay Bay area for a terrorist attack and [was] dropped at the Mandalay Bay,” the Uber driver stated in her report filed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. “Maybe check Uber records.”


Who was the woman?

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