Video: Walmart BANS ammo sales in Baltimore after civil unrest


Ammo ban in Baltimore amid civil unrest

(INTELLIHUB) — In the last week we have seen massive, widespread civil unrest in Baltimore with protesters setting stores and cars on fire as well as attacking police, random citizens, and members of the media.

“What started as a protest over the death of Freddy Gray turned into a display of pure madness with high schoolers and possibly gang members overtaking outnumbered police, setting a CVS Pharmacy and a senior center ablaze while looting countless other businesses on the way to one of the worst riots in recent history. Officials declared a state of emergency and a curfew that begins Tuesday in an attempt to restore order,” reported Alex Thomas.

During the riots and now as they wind down, citizens of Baltimore may be thinking about the need to purchase ammo to prepare for possible future unrest. Sadly, as of April 30th, the ability to do this is being limited, with at least one and possibly multiple Walmart stores deciding to stop selling ammunition completely.

According to a tweet by Charles Johnson, his cousin had this exchange with a Walmart employee.

Customer: “How can I ask for what I want if you won’t tell me what you have?

Employee: “Sir, I’m just telling you the policy that we put in place when we took all of the ammo out of the case. If you don’t see it, you are to assume we don’t have it.”

“I don’t see any ammo on the shelves.”


Infowars reporters then confirmed that the Walmart did indeed stop selling ammo. From the video description:

Infowars reporters have confirmed that a Baltimore-area Walmart has ceased the sale of ammunition due to riots and protests throughout the city.

A sales associate also admitted that BB guns and knives were also pulled from shelves and locked up in the wake of the riots.

This proves the Second Amendment will be the first casualty during a civil disturbance.

“Some would probably applaud Walmart for the decision to restrict ammo given the chaotic scenes witnessed on Monday afternoon when rioters looted numerous stores across the city,” reported Paul Joseph Watson.

“However, in failing to exercise discretion in deciding who gets to purchase ammunition, Walmart is helping to ensure that property and business owners are left defenseless against violent mobs.”

Clearly the citizens of Baltimore are being left to the whims of the local authorities who may or may not decide to protect them, especially when you consider that the mayor ordered a police stand down during the riots.

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