Videoblogger runs math–finds 11,600 Muslims currently ‘invading’ U.S. via bus


Thousands of Middle Eastern men being shipped ‘under the radar’ to U.S. compound, claims viedoblogger

By Shepard Ambellas

Editor’s note: This story is being published as part of the Overwatch section to see if we can gain more information on the subject as a whole. Although the following report can not be independently verified by staff we still feel the report may have some credence and its posting will eventually flush more information out into the forefront. Meaning–for now take the information contained herein with a grain of salt.

Hopefully by posting this information we will find out if the said allegations are true. In no way at this time is saying this information is true, we are leaving it up to the reader to decipher.

(INTELLIHUB) — The following is one man’s account as documented in a video posted on Facebook:

I recently received this message from “a good friend of mine, who got it from a good friend of her’s, who got it from a good friend of his” so “not that far down the line that this […] comes from,” said Mike Kintner, the man speaking in the video.

“This is the message that was passed down to me and I’m passing it down to you.”

On Oct 8th at 9:34 a.m. the following message was posted [source unknown], read aloud by Kintner in the video:


“I just got off the phone with my mechanic he called to let me know he was at Love’s at I-35 and Hwy 9 near Norman Oklahoma.”

“He was listening to a scanner and he picked up some OHP chatter then saw the patrol cars at Love’s.”

“They were escorting 6 buses run by Village Charter Services.”

“We stopped and talked to a patrolman and asked what’s going on.”

“As they talked he observed Middle-Eastern men, all of fighting age, no women or children getting off the bus and entering the Love’s with prayer rugs and Korans.”

“The patrolman told them they were escorting six buses of these men to a compound in Rush Springs.”

“Each bus carries eighty men and the entire Oklahoma fleet consists of two-hundred and thirty buses–all booked for this operation.”

So “I started calling my resources and here is what I am finding out.”

“I called the station in question as I know it well, driving to and from Houston.”

“A lady answered and I told her who I was and how often I came there and I explained [to her] that I heard something about her station, I never said what it was but I know that I had spoken to this lady before about prepping.”

“I described myself and I asked if she remembers me and she said yes […].”

“She said hold on a moment, then she came back on and whispered and says–I get off at 3 p.m. they are coming at three, six buses at a time, filled to the max.”

“They come at four, seven, and 8 p.m..”

“They get off then they go behind the building, they come in and grab drinks, paid for with freshly printed money, they use the restroom and then they leave.”

Kintner continued reading the original post aloud which explained how a Boarder Patrol source independently confirmed that “thirty to sixty buses a day” are coming through, stopping in “small towns at Social Security and Immigration offices.”


Posted by Mike Kintner on Friday, October 9, 2015


Kintner then proceeded do the math.

“So that’s 80 Muslims, Middle Eastern men, all fighting age, no women and children, from Middle Eastern countries that will all fit on a bus and there were six buses, that’s 480 Muslims,” Kintner said.

“So 230 buses times 80 Muslims that’s 18,400 Muslims, alright, and they said 3 to 6 busses.”

“That’s about a 4.5 average,” Kintner explained.

“So 4.5 buses at 80 Muslims a bus, equals 3600 Muslims.”

“They are coming in at four, seven and eight o’clock she said […] three times.”

“Well 3 times 3,600 is 10,800 Muslims, alright.”

“[…] 31 days in the month of October.”

“So 31 x 45, are you ready for this–111,600 Muslims from Middle Eastern countries, all men, all of fighting age.

“People this ain’t immigration–this is not saving refugees, this is an invasion […] let’s call it what it is people […] this is not going to end well,” said Kintner.

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