Vietnam vet George Barraza dies while waiting for cancer treatment from Houston VA


The allegations surrounding the VA in Phoenix are beyond serious

By Dean Garrison | Freedom Outpost

At least 40 veterans died because of extended wait times for medical treatment. Whether it is proven that these secret waiting lists are factual, or not, may not be the point.

Earlier this week, another whistleblower came forward and claims that a VA supervisor suggested that older veterans should be shot in the head to save money.

Whether any of these allegations are true, the fact remains that the proof of criminal wrongdoing is already there. Veterans, who pledged all for our freedom, are ending up dead because of an inept system of treatment. Whether it is intentional… whether it is conspiratorial… One cannot argue that the results have been tragic.

George Barraza is just the latest story of a veteran who died because the system, that was set up to treat him, proved woefully inadequate. reports:

George Barraza love[d] two things in this life: playing the electric guitar with all his heart and this country.

During the Vietnam War, Barraza proudly served in the U.S. Army.

But on April 16, Barraza, a father of three girls, a chef and an American veteran, died waiting for an appointment at the VA Medical Center in Houston.

At the time of his death, Barraza was battling heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer…

Over the next several months, family members said Barraza began to decline physically and he did go to the VA for various tests and other help.

But in March family members said Barraza was suddenly rushed to Methodist Hospital again. This time he was vomiting blood and doctorstold him he had a tumor or growth on his liver.

Barraza’s family said doctors at that hospital told Barraza he had to get to the VA right away, it was very serious and he needed treatment.

But the very next day, when they took him to the VA Hospital, they said again Barraza was not treated or admitted to the hospital. Instead he was given more prescription medicines and given an appointment more than a month away on May 5.

Barraza died April 16.

Some of the early rumblings are that this will be the biggest scandal of the Obama presidency thus far. We have heard that before but this time it might be true. The implications extend far beyond the treatment of our veterans.

Are we witnessing the future of American health care? Whether these “death panels” were planned, or just an unfortunate result of bad legislation, they do exist.

We have just seen evidence in the form of a series of decisions that cost many Patriotic American heroes their lives. That may not be an official “death panel” but the results are, unfortunately, the same.


“Voluntarily” may be a poor word choice because we all remember how Obamacare was rammed down our throats. Veterans have already been there and done that. They have had a poor healthcare system rammed down their throats for years.

Yet, once again, none of our elected servants will do a damn thing about it. How many people will die because of long wait times in the future?

You do not need to dress this VA scandal up as any kind of conspiracy to see that it is criminal. Someone should answer for the premature deaths of these veterans.

Is this what we all have to look forward to with Obamacare?


This article originally appeared on Freedom Outpost.
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