Virginia Beach city worker kills 11 wounds 6 others in shooting

A tragic day for Virginia Beach after 11 people were killed in a senseless mass shooting.

(INTELLIHUB) — A Virginia Beach city worker opened fire on coworkers in a municipal building on Friday killing 11 and wounding 6 others before being killed by police, reports say.

A police officer was struck by a bullet during the attack but was spared by his protective vest.

The shooting began sometime after 4 p.m. in the Municipal Center and spanned multiple floors in building number 2.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam called it a “tragic day” for the community.

“This is a tragic day for Virginia Beach and our entire Commonwealth. My heart breaks for the victims of this devastating shooting, their families, and all who loved them. I am on my way to Virginia Beach now and will be there within the hour,” the governor Tweeted.

One woman who was inside building number 2 when the gunfire broke out told WTKR News 3 that all she could think about was her 11-month-old baby at home.

Strangely, according to a report from TicToc by Bloomberg, “Virginia Beach police said a suspect was taken into custody after the shooting.” However, authorities are claiming there was only one shooter who is deceased. Did police take a dead man into custody?

The FBI and Virginia Beach Police are investigating.